Things That Go Bump In The Night mouse and nuts inside a vent

Noticed strange and unusual sounds around your home? While some of these noises could be natural, others may be a sign of danger. Either way, it’s useful to know what they are so that you can deal with them if necessary.

Things That Go Bump In The Night: What’s That Sound?

Is it a ghost?

Some people immediately assume that odd noises in the night are the result of a ghost. If you’re truly convinced, there’s nothing stopping from going down the paranormal investigator route, however you may want to consider a few other possible causes first…

Mice, rats and other pests

Scratching sounds in the walls are usually the result of unwanted pests. Droppings around the house could be another tell-tale sign. Mice are the most common household pest – you may be able to use home-made traps to take care of these. If you’re dealing with a rat infestation, find a professional in your area for help – rats are usually too big for mousetraps and are more destructive, making them a more serious issue. Getting rid of these pests could be important as they could end up contaminating food or causing permanent damage to your home by chewing and nesting.

Pipes and radiators

Pipes and radiators can produce all kinds of odd sounds. Gurgling and moaning sounds could be the result of air bubbles in your plumbing – your radiators may need to be bled or the pipes may need to be cleaned. Banging sounds in pipes can also occur after a faucet has been used – this is known as ‘water hammer’ and may be possible to solve by turning off the water at the mains and draining all the pipes. A plumber may be able to diagnose other types of sounds.

Furnaces and boilers

Furnaces and boilers can create a myriad of unusual sounds from bangs to squeals. If you can trace the noises to these sources and feel that these noises aren’t normal, it’s worth calling a professional – there could be a problem with your boiler or furnace that could be costly or potentially dangerous. Hire a professional to inspect your furnace or boiler to see if it is in need of repairs or a replacement.

Drafts and leaks

Water and wind can get into buildings and create unusual sounds. A whistling sound could be caused by a draft, possibly from under a door or through a crack in a wall or window frame. Unusual dripping and trickling sounds could be the result of rainwater getting into a wall cavity or water leaking from a pipe. Both drafts and leaks shouldn’t be ignored – the former could be causing your home to get colder faster, while the latter could be causing water damage to your home. An energy audit specialist, plumber or roof repair company may be worth calling.

Structural sounds

Materials such as wood and glass can naturally expand and contract as a result of temperature changes sometimes causing popping noises and unusual creaks. This is usually nothing to worry about. A home may also make creaks if the foundations are weak, causing walls and floorboards to be strained. If you also notice cracks starting to form, it could be a serious issue and you may want to call up a foundation specialist to take a look.


Things That Go Bump In The Night: What’s That Sound?

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  1. I absolutely cannot stand mice!! Unfortunately we live in a double wide and its inevitable with all this land around us! Thank God for men because I could not catch them and dispose!!

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