9 Effective and Easy-To-Follow Skincare Tips For Winter

Although you love winter, but you know how troublesome it is for your skin. Low humidity and cold weather results in dry air, which extracts moisture from our skin every second of the day. Without prompt precautions, dry skin can extend to cracking and bleeding. Adding moisture to your skin can be helpful, but you need to do it more often in order to keep your skin smooth and healthy. To reduce itching, cracking and redness, try following tips this season.

#1 Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated is one of the best tips that works all year long. Drinking more water during winter will keep your body and skin hydrated, keeping your skin healthy throughout the season.

#2 Use Moisturizer

Using moisturizer will not only keep your cells hydrated and seal dampness into the skin, but will also keep your skin protected from external elements. You don’t need to spend a fortune as you can find amazing deals on elite skincare products online.

#3 Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine if taken more than moderate amount results into dehydration. Change your morning meals with fruit or vegetable juice and reduce the intake of caffeine beverages. Alcohol also has a similar effect, so try to minimize the consumption of alcoholic beverages also.

#4 Watch Your Diet

Your skin health depends a lot on food intake. A well-balanced nutritious food can help you rejuvenate your skin from within. Consume more fruits and vegetables as a part of your every day meals.

#5 Exfoliate Dead Cells

We often forget to remove dead cells from the skin in the winter. Moisturizer cannot get in if dead cells are too many. Apply exfoliating mask on the face and hands, and then follow immediately with moisturizer to see the difference.

#6 Wash With Lukewarm Water

Hot water baths always feel great in the cold weather, but when you are just washing your hands or face, wash with lukewarm water to reduce stripping down of oils from the skin.

#7 Wear Protective Accessories

While going out, protect your skin from harsh weather conditions by wearing hand gloves, socks and scarves. In addition, don’t forget to put on sunscreen as winters are as damaging as summers.

#8 Don’t Stay in Wet Clothes for Too Long

Walking and playing in the snow is fun, but don’t stay under wet clothes for too long as it may cause itchiness to your skin. Make sure you remove your wet socks, gloves and pants at the earliest possible.

#9 Exercise Regularly

It is hard to get up from the warm and cozy bed and exercise in the chilly mornings. But, if you love your skin, then workout regularly. The workout will pump up more blood to your skin, keeping pores clear. The sweat will keep your skin clean and internal organs healthy.

With these amazing winter tips, say goodbye to the bad days and welcome cool winter without worrying about your skin. Do you know any other skin care secrets for winter? Share with us in the comments section below.

9 Effective and Easy-To-Follow Skincare Tips For Winter

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