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Best Paint Colors to Brighten Up Your Bedroom

Color is one of the most important foundations in any room design plan. People walk into a room and look around. In doing so, they instantly note the room’s colors. When picking out colors for the bedrooms, it is crucial to keep in all aspects of the room in mind. Each should be part of an overall concept for the space. This includes the use of the bedroom. A guest bedroom will have different style needs than one that intended to be used by a child. Any plan for the room should also include the location of the bedroom and the amount of light that gets inside during the and evening. A bedroom in the attic has different issues and concerns than a bedroom located in the basement. Bedrooms that lack light may feel lifeless and unappealing. Fortunately, there is an easy fix. Professional interior painters would advise using paint colors such as teal, yellow and green adds lots of much welcome light. The proper use of paint color also adds personality, style and mood. These shades are ideal for bedrooms that need pop to warm them up and add that something truly special. Using paint colors such as teal, yellow and green adds lots of much welcome light. The proper use of paint color also adds personality, style and mood. These shades are ideal for bedrooms that need pop to warm them up and add that something truly special.


Orange is one color that immediately calls attention to itself. Once seen it is not easily forgotten. This bright shade from the warmer part of the color wheel offers a great deal in any room devoted to sleeping. It’s not only bright. Orange is alive with light and full of deep feelings. This is one of those colors that glows with energy and movement. People who feel a lot of happiness tend to find this color extremely appealing. They think of all sorts of wonderful times in life. Orange calls to mind sunny fall afternoons leaf peeping. People who tend to be attracted to orange are those with a zest for life. Use deep shades of paint on the walls. Pair with less bright shades of apricot bed linens for welcome contrast. This is an excellent choice for bedrooms for children where kids often spend of time dreaming and interacting with their siblings. Children respond well to primary colors. Use for bedrooms for a boy or girl for a marvelously gender neutral look.


Long associated with royalty, purple today has a great deal of mass appeal. Bring in rich shades of purple in bedrooms. In doing so, it’s possible to add shade of both blue and red light. The inherent sense of tension between the two ends of the rainbow creates much needed vibrancy and amps up the room’s innate feeling. Purple gives any room a sensual feel that is full of mystery but also easy to understand. Paint the walls a lighter shade of purple like lilac or lavender. This is an ideal choice for rooms that have lots of soft natural light such as a room in an attic or one with a skylight. Take full advantage of the many wonderful shades of this color. Bring in rich shades of purple such as plum, violet, orchid and phlox in the form of thick rugs and curtains. Let your love of gardens and outdoors show in the room at every turn with accessories such as a table lamps that call to mind the warm skies of a late June spring day. The entire room will feel restful and yet full of life at the same time.


Teal is one of the most fascinating shades in the rainbow. This is where blue meets green to the benefit of both colors. The net result? A bright hint of color that shimmers and vibrates but also feels restful on the eyes. Teal blends the inherent tranquility of blue with an overlay of the rootedness of green. People love teal

because it immediately reminds them of places they know and love such as the sea and the sky. Use it to provide contrast and bring in a modern sensibility. Paint two walls teal and the other two a darker shade of blue. This is a good color to use with lots of different types of neutral such as white or grey. Grey washed stone flooring and a wood four poster bed make any room a nightly haven. People who love people and lots of company find this shade perfect for their personality. Like them, the color is one that can take center stage with ease and make people feel a pleasing sense of relaxation and inherent vitality.


When asked to think of a color that adds instant light, many people immediately think of yellow. This traditional color has long been used in bedrooms to help bring them to life. People love how this color can make even the dustiest corner full of power and electricity. There’s good reason to love yellow. Yellow paint radiates instant joy and light. Yellow is inherently bright. This positive color is full of optimism and confidence. Bring it into any room designed for sleeping and watch as it calls to mind so many wonderful feelings. Use it in the bedroom on the walls. Place a throw of this shade across the end of the bed and bring sweet dreams. Use varied shades such as buttercup, saffron, cream and gold for a unified look that adds lots of instant style.


One of nature’s most popular shades, green energizes interiors of any size. Use it for smaller bedrooms to help bring in a sense of natural connection with the world outside. Many people see green and immediately think of restful forests, marvelous fields and the promise of summer. The color is ideal in rooms where people want to feel calm. This makes it a perfect choice for bedrooms where a good night’s sleep in the ultimate goal. The color is known to have healing properties and is often used by those who want to feel a sense of peace. Bring in varied types of shades for a room that feels interesting. A bedspread in a bright jewel tone such as emerald is one that says upscale and makes a good choice in a room devoted to luxurious living. Lighter shades such as lime, jade, sea and willow work all year long. Place a dark wood rocking chair with moss colored cushions and a malachite blanket against one corner. This creates the ideal reading space on long winter nights as the snow falls.


Pink has always been part of the world. Sometimes seen as merely a shade of red, pink has increasingly come into its own in recent years. Today, pink has moved past a shade merely relegated for small children and becoming a confident and adult choice. As a lighter shade of red, pink makes it easy to add light without overwhelming all the spaces in the room. Pink is just right for smaller bedrooms. People who choose this shade are those who are open to all sorts of new experiences and ideas. They haven’t let go of their innate optimism. This is a shade that needs tones from the other end of the color spectrum to work properly. Place a dark wood canopy bed in the room to help ground it. Natural items like marble and tiling also work well with bedrooms painted pink, creating a whole that speaks of the varied shades found in the natural world all year long. Wall hangings like personal pictures and nature scenes help to further personalize the room and make it full of light.

Article submitted by Julia Ellison

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