Nature Knows Best: 8 Reasons to Only Buy Natural Beauty and Health Products

When looking for ways to continually improve your looks, it is better to think organic. And this applies to everyone because our bodies readily absorb every material they’re exposed to— everything, from dirt to toxic chemicals that eventually make way into your skin and into to your bloodstream, and ultimately your kidneys and liver.

Therefore, your kidney is always in a constant battle against such toxins, which may originate from anywhere including household cleaning agents, gasoline fumes and the toxins in your beauty cosmetics.

There are only a few regulations for the cosmetics we buy allowing for several loopholes in the laws, which beauty companies use every time. In other words, no rules are governing the production of whatever you are applying on your face. Even top brands sell shoppers all sorts of toxic chemical products in the name of cosmetic products.

Organic or natural beauty products are definitely beneficial over non-organic forms depending on your definition of organic. Genuinely ‘organic’ beauty products are organic in all aspects of production- from the time of plant cultivation to harvesting, and all through the entire production process. Few cosmetics are really organic, most are natural, which is not bad either. If you’re looking for high-quality herbs and natural remedies, you should check out You don’t have to be a fitness enthusiast or lead a particular lifestyle to enjoy the advantages of buying very distinctive nz natural products in Invercargill, whether you’re dealing with skin problems, weariness, low iron, or additional energy during pregnancy.

Here are five reasons to go natural skin products when trying to get pretty:

1-Friendly to the skin

Organic beauty products, as mentioned before, do not contain toxic irritants and chemicals that can harm your skin. Most times, the dangerous chemicals in your preferred beauty products trigger secondary skin allergies and conditions, which are reactions to chemicals present in the items you’ve been using.

Trying to solve the matter by trying out more chemical products is like jumping out of the frying pan and into the blaze! Remember, natural cosmetics like peppermint oil isn’t just gentler, researchers have proven that they work effectively at enhancing skin texture and solving skin problems way better than chemical products.

2-Better for overall health

Because what absorbs through your skin always winds up in your body, it is important not to overwork your kidneys by exposing them to substances that they aren’t ready to handle. These may include almost all the chemical elements that make up your regular cosmetics. Organic is healthy because you avoid the harmful ingredients and allow your kidneys, and yourself a chance.

3-Can be home-made

Maybe the best thing about these beauty products is the fact that while you may opt to shop for an expensive brand off the shelf, there’s the choice to craft your makeup. Organic is not only useful but also easily accessible by everyone.

As more individuals go organic, they start appreciating the advantages of applying raw onion juice on their hair, using coconut oil on their hair once per week instead of going with commercially available beauty products.

4-Environmental friendly

Most chemicals used in creating cosmetics are environmentally unsafe and contribute to destroying the ozone layer, or contaminating water bodies and soil. Plus, they kill millions of useful animals.

On the contrary, cosmetic products have no side effects and are fully biodegradable. It is also a responsible move to make sure you try to be eco-friendly in everything you do.


If you’re passionate about plants and have your background garden of organic plants then going natural is the most economical way. Most of the big names you see around are expensive for no reason.

It is cheaper and better to make a home-made solution for your beauty problems than spend in the skies for a product that will cause your health problems in the future. But following this practice is difficult and requires passion. It also needs someone with a garden so that you do not spend on fruits and plants to make your cosmetics.


As we’d said earlier, your skin can take up some compounds; but adding a protective layer is can keep hazardous compounds (to some extent) out of the body. However, studies still conclude that cosmetic products can damage bodily systems and lead to certain health consequences. One rule of thumb for using makeup is: if you cannot eat it, do not wear it.

Cocoa butter is one of the top natural moisturizers that provide vital fatty acids for healthy, younger skin. Organic makeup, particularly liquid foundation, may have cocoa butter or other nutrient-rich oils to ensure a smoother, more youthful look.

Other natural items with antioxidant properties include grapes, white tea, apricots, and pomegranate seeds. These products may inhibit elastase and collagenase; the two enzymes ruin picking makeup with added nutritious components and herbal extracts.

7- They protect you from premature aging

Cosmetics made with natural products generally offer an extra layer of sun protection. The skin that makes up your face is thinner and more vulnerable to UV-linked skin aging, so using a mineral-rich, organic enhancing products may lead to healthy, youthful skin. Most natural products also offer antioxidant substances like vitamin C, which have been demonstrated to provide sun-shielding properties. Choosing the correct makeup is especially important in summer when the sun is extreme.

8- They are equally effective

Research has shown that organic crops have almost 30% greater antioxidant power than other conventionally farmed crops. That means you get excellent skin care at an affordable cost. Most of the chemical-containing cosmetics believed to provide excellent results have some health risks if used over time. You do not need big brands or pricey cosmetics to achieve the transformation you wish for.

The Bottom Line

The rush to achieving the looks you desire can lead to a whole lot of cosmetic products from different manufacturers. While you may have your makeup preferences, there’s one rule to keep in mind; whatever you apply on your face should always be natural; like whatever you put in your mouth. That way, you can be confident you are doing your skin, body, and the entire planet a lot of good. Protect yourself and your environment by shifting from chemical to natural beauty products.

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