8 Elegantly Simple Ways to Eliminate Aircraft Maintenance Quality Problems

We can define quality as an intrinsic feature that has a certain degree of excellence, and with certain desired properties. Quality maintenance or control is an array of activities that are designed to ensure adequate quality, especially on manufactured products. Poor quality maintenance, and more so on aircraft can be quite rough and it can cause more damage than one can possibly imagine. There is nothing that brings a halt to productivity than quality issues. Getting the quality right will go a long way in significantly cutting down on your aircraft-maintenance costs, and what’s more is that it’s insanely easy to achieve. One way to go about it is aircraft valuation with VREF.

VREF provides Aircraft Valuing services, Appraisal services as well as Advisory services to a global range of players in the aviation industry. VREF has been the most trusted source of aircraft valuation since 1994. Their headquarters are in Des Moines, and there are other offices in L.A., St. Louis and Chicago. It is the official guide for major lenders and other stakeholders in the industry, including Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA). VREF is meant for all aviation professionals; be it pilots, brokers, banks, accredited appraisers or flight department managers. They deliver information in regards to engines and aircraft mostly through subscription services online and also digests that are published quarterly. Follow this link to learn more about how VREF subscriptions work. VREF plays a major role in making informed decisions regarding aircraft maintenance quality problems and in identifying opportunities that can be explored in aviation, to make the industry even better. Let us look at eight simple ways to eliminate aircraft maintenance quality problems:

  • Aircraft Appraisal
  • Aircraft Engine Overhaul
  • Get a Detailed History of Your Aircraft
  • A Verified Aircraft Value Report
  • VREF Online
  • Expert Witness
  • Ensuring Quality Guarantee
  • Dedicated Account team

Let us delve into a more detailed or elaborate explanation on each of the reasons above:

  1. Aircraft Appraisal

An aircraft appraisal is a process that involves a third-party professional examining your plane or ‘bird’ and pegging a value to it.  An appraiser’s report will contain such information as the aircraft’s value and the reasons as to why they arrived at that value. With this report, you will have proof of value for any lender, buyer or seller that is valid. In considering how much a plane is worth, the appraiser’s report is a crucial document to have in your possession as it gives an unbiased and independent opinion regarding the value of your aircraft. Additionally, such a certificate is widely accepted in the Aviation Industry.

Seeing as we agree that this is an important document, it begs the question, “what does the appraisal report have to do with quality maintenance?” Dents, missing pieces or any parts that do not function properly are some of the things that may come up in an appraisers report. Identifying such issues ensures that you make the necessary repairs, thus enhancing safety when flying your plane. Rectifying any anomalies brought up in the report goes a long way into ensuring that your aircraft maintenance is on point, thus avoiding any further expenses that you may incur in the future. VREF Verified Aircraft Value Reports are essentially the best there are when it comes to quality appraisals.

  1. Aircraft Engine Overhaul

In addition to increasing the resale value of an aircraft, an Engine Overhaul can expand the engine’s lifetime and make your plane a safer one to fly. Click here to know what entails the process.

What may seem like normal wear and tear on the aircraft’s metal parts can have a major impact on performance and even lead to engine failure eventually. An Engine Overhaul allows for thorough engine mechanical inspection, making it possible to diagnose an issue before it becomes a greater menace in the future.

  1. Get a Detailed History of Your Aircraft

The specific equipment list and history of a plane affects its value and its safety in return. A VREF Verified Value Report contains detailed information such as accidents, previous owners, performance specs, floor plans, damage history, overall condition, upgrades, modifications, registration history, operating costs and model history of a plane. All these details are crucial in making an informed decision about the aircraft’s condition and value, which makes it easier to eliminate any quality maintenance problems. Rather than relying on millions of information available on the internet, I would recommend the reports from VREF, as they give transparent and accurate information, which gives you more confidence in making your decisions on what plane to settle for.

  1. A Verified Aircraft Value Report

VREF reports are detailed, transparent, up to date and very accurate. They help consumers decide whether to buy a certain aircraft or not, based on all the information they contain. In here, you will be able to find information such as previous damage, ownership, safety status and the current market price of the aircraft. All this is crucial in determining whether or not a plane is safe to fly, thus aiding in eliminating any quality problems.

  1. VREF Online

This is basically a subscription-only program by VREF that is quite informative on optional quality equipment available, data on performance, modification, any upgrades and maintenance expenses. This software provides users with current data including the easy procedure of troubleshooting any problems with their crafts. This goes a long way in ensuring that aircraft maintenance problems are easier to deal with, thus simplifying the process.

  1. Expert Witness

VREF prides as one of the only Aircraft Valuation platforms that are fully comprehensive and fully insured and bonded. As such, it offers consumers with top-notch legal services such as professional photography, onsite inspection of aircraft, depositions and audit of related records. As such, any legal issues that may affect the aircraft’s maintenance quality problems are easier to eradicate.

  1. Ensuring Quality Guarantee

More often than not, mistakes do happen. These affect productivity negatively and may even drive you insane. For instance, your spare parts supplier may ship an alternate that may end up not being effective on your aircraft. To avoid such issues, it is important that you get all the information pertaining equipment and spare parts from a reliable and transparent source. VREF is your trusted partner and logistics provider when it comes to matters quality and the material flow to your plane’s maintenance base.

  1. Dedicated Account Team

Having a reliable account team provides you with fast quotations and the best financial advice to save you money on the whole Quality Maintenance process. VREF comes in as a big resource and a trustworthy expert in the field and makes your journey stress free.

In summary, quality maintenance is all about purpose. VREF’s purpose is to give you a completely seamless journey by offering top-notch guidance when it comes to matters aircraft. Quality and safety tend to go hand in hand. As such, quality, accurate, up to date and transparent reports that give you all the information that you could possibly need, go a long way in ensuring safe flights thus doing away with one of the major Aircraft Maintenance Quality Problems. Simply put, VREF offers quality at its best!










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  • It sure was nice when you said that having a dedicated team could help you ensure that the maintenance of your aircraft is going to be stress-free. This is a tip that I can share with a friend because she is planning to have her aircraft desktop appraised before she leaves the country for good next month. I will ask her to consider your tips in order to make sure that she won’t have to deal with any selling issues.


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