If you are looking for an effective and safe way to keep your diamond jewelry spotlessly clean you’ve come to the right place. Like most things, diamonds and diamond jewelry gather dirt and grime through normal wearing and in order to remove all dirt and grime, here is the best way to maintain that sparkle in your diamond jewelry and you will already have everything you need at home.

A Guide to Cleaning Diamonds and Diamond Jewelery
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* Step One – Mix warm water with a little mild dish-washing liquid (preferably one with only natural ingredients) into a bowl and swish your fingers around to create some bubbles. Then simply immerse the jewelry items in the solution and leave them for at least 10 minutes, which will allow the soapy water to work on the surfaces. If you are looking to buy diamonds or an item of diamond jewelry, Diamond Brokers Queensland has engagement rings Brisbane fashionistas and elegant ladies will love. Diamond Brokers Queensland is Australia’s premier diamond merchant who has an extensive collection of stunning diamond jewelry and can also customize jewelry to the client’s specifications.

* Step Two – Remove the jewelry item and using a very soft toothbrush, gently brush over the entire surface, making sure to get into those hard to reach areas. Gentle brushing with a circular motion will give you the best results. You can re-dip the item into the solution and repeat the brushing several times, which will ensure that all dirt and grime are removed. Be thorough with your brushing, changing direction often and making sure you reach every nook and cranny. Some items are very delicate and quite difficult to thoroughly clean, so repeat as often as is necessary, ensuring that you do not exert any pressure while brushing.

A Guide to Cleaning Diamonds and Diamond Jewelery
Image Source: Pixabay

* Step Three – Once you are satisfied that all dirt has been removed, place the item of jewelry into a bowl of clean water and swish it around a little. Give the item a close inspection to see if there are still any traces of dirt and once you are happy that the item is clean, you can remove it. Repeating the rinsing process several times will ensure that all the dirt has been removed.

A Guide to Cleaning Diamonds and Diamond Jewelery
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* Step Four – Place the item on a dry cloth or some tissue paper and allow it to dry. You can gently dab the item with soft tissue to ensure it is completely clean and this should be repeated weekly if you want your stones to retain their sparkle. There are useful articles available online on how to clean your diamond jewelry at home, which describes a similar process to the one listed here.

There are special cleaning agents you can buy specifically for diamond jewelry, however, you are advised to read the instructions very carefully before using the product. Make sure that the product is safe to use with the base metal of your jewelry item, which might be gold, silver, or platinum. All jewelry should be cleaned often as it will collect dirt and grime from normal wear and with a weekly cleaning session, your stones will always sparkle.


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A Guide to Cleaning Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry

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