A Beautiful You - A beautiful African American Woman

Sometimes it’s so easy to not feel beautiful.

To feel like there are so many faults with your own body, that you find it hard to even look in the mirror in the morning. So many of us are suffering with this toxic trait at the minute, one that makes us believe we’re someone we’re not. It’s like our mind manipulates what our eyes are truly seeing, and it can lead to such a stressful life. It’s hard to find someone who actually loves themselves for who they are. If you do find someone who is bragging about their looks and their body, they’re probably in denial of something, deep down. But we’re now moving towards a time that is far more focused on people feeling beautiful, and being able to love your body for what it truly is. It doesn’t matter what fault you have, someone else has it. You’re not the only one living with something you don’t like! Everyone is so unique, and everyone is beautiful. Once you start drilling that in your mind, it becomes so much easier to have a positive body image. 

But if you feel like you’re struggling a bit at the minute, this article is going to aim to change all of that. There are many things that you can do to help with your own body confidence, and to feel like you truly are beautiful. So keep on reading, and see what we think you should be doing.

Start With Your Way Of Thinking

So one of the first things that you should start thinking about, is changing the way that you think about yourself. We build up such a negative image of ourselves in our mind, and that’s due to so many social influences that we see. For one, all we ever see are photoshopped people on the internet who look perfect, making us wonder why we don’t look like that. Instagram in particular is really bad for doing that. There are so many airbrushed models, who have brand deals with so many fabulous brands that are providing them with so many products. So they’re not leading the stressful work lives we are, they have all of these amazing products that are helping their skin to look beautiful, and they’re able to have all of these procedures with the money they’re making. So as long as you can start telling yourself that everyone is beautiful, whether they’re an Instagram influencer or not, it will become so much easier for you to start falling in love with your body. The more you start comparing yourself to other people, the easier it’s going to be to put yourself down. If you feel like it is social media that’s causing you distress all of the time, try bringing yourself away from it. All we really have it for is to be nosey anyway, so you won’t really be missing out on much!

Beautiful Beauty Treatments

Sometimes it pays to treat yourself, and when it comes to our bodies, this is something that we often don’t have the time to do. Other than maybe the odd face mask here and there, we don’t actually have the chance to really treat our bodies to some of the amazing treatments that are out there. It doesn’t have to be anything invasive, it can be simple facials that are so good for improving the quality of your skin. Or it could be a long massive to relax your models, release toxins, and help your body to feel refreshed. There are more specific treatments for those of you who feel you have problems that you’d like to get rid of. For example, there are so many dermatology treatments, such as laser removal of scars, that people should look into. Whether it be a scar from injury or a scar from bad childhood acne, it can now all be done. Have a look into a Laser & Dermatology Institute, and see what it is they can do for you. We would recommend staying away from anything that’s going to be too invasive. Some people get so wrapped up in invasive cosmetic procedures, which can completely draw the person away from their natural beauty!

Spreading The Self Love

Self love is what everyone should be about, but just like you find it hard to love yourself, so many others are in the same boat as you now. But that’s only because we’re living in such a judgey world at the minute, and everyone seems to love to share their views on others, even when it’s negative. It’s rare that you find people just randomly complimenting others, even though it could make such a difference to how they feel about themselves. So start being one of the people who are spreading the self love, and tell those around you how beautiful they are, and try to reduce the hate. If you’re around people who are judging others out of the blue, ask them why they’re doing that, rather than picking out the positives. If everyone could hear everything people were saying about them out of ear range, insecurities would be far higher than they are at the minute. So become a promoter of self love, and watch how much it helps improve your own view of yourself!

Caring For Your Body

Finally, we think it’s about time that we started properly caring for our bodies. Like we said in the opening paragraph, it’s rare to be able to properly treat your body how it should be treated. No, the odd pamper night is not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about getting your diet right, getting some exercise, and getting yourself into a daily routine that helps you to feel better. By a routine, we mean getting up an hour before you have to leave the house, not ten minute before. You could jump out of bed and go for a half an hour walk, have some breakfast, and get ready and go. That half an hour walk in the morning will make all of the difference to your mentality, and fueling your body right will only help you to feel even better!


A Beautiful You

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