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 Today I’d like to Welcome Sue-Ellen Welfonder,

author of A Highlander’s Temptation

About the Book:

Darroc MacConacher spends sleepless nights dreaming of a raven-haired beauty who makes him ache with desire. Then his dream comes true: the lady with her lush curves and fair skin appears shipwrecked on his shores. Darroc is immediately drawn to her strength and beauty, and from the moment she lays eyes on this powerful, broad-shouldered warrior, Lady Arabella MacKenzie knows she’ll never want another man.

But theirs is a forbidden love. The MacKenzies drove the MacConachers from their lands and destroyed their honor. Now, Darroc can use this sapphire-eyed seductress to shatter his foes. Yet how can he deny the passion that burns between him and Arabella, and ruin the one woman who touches his very soul?

About the Author:

Sue-Ellen Welfonder is a dedicated medievalist of Scottish descent who spent fifteen years living abroad, and still makes annual research trips to Great Britain. She is an active member of the Romance Writers of America and her own clan, the MacFie Society of North America. Under the pseudonym Allie Mackay, she has also written contemporary Scottish-set paranormals for Signet. Sue-Ellen Welfonder is married and lives with her husband, Manfred,
and their Jack Russell Terrier, Em, in Florida.

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 Guest Post:
Every writer has a different career path.  We all came to writing from our own unique backgrounds and our individual journeys after the first sale are equally varied.  But there are a few things we definitely do share.
I think of these as the unavoidables.
And, no, I am not going to blog about the ever-present worries of numbers, making or not making lists, life intruding on deadlines, and what-not.  Nor do I mean the highlights like getting a phenomenal cover, hearing from readers who love your work, or seeing an editor’s enthusiasm.
I mean the questions people ask published authors.
They are many, rarely varied, and – it seems – inevitable.  As soon as people hear that you’ve sold a book, the questions come.  A Highlander’s Temptation (GCP, Oct. 2009) is my tenth Scottish medieval romance and in the years since the release of my first book, Devil In A Kilt, I’m sure I’ve heard them all.  I’m also sure my colleagues’ list of frequently asked questions would mirror my own.
I’m not going to delve into the questions because there are some really great blogs floating around on this topic.  It’s enough to say that some of these questions can be really awkward.  Such as ‘how much money do you make?’ or ‘when are you going to be on Oprah?’ 
What I want to do is turn the tables and ask readers a question.
And don’t worry – I never ask people things I wouldn’t be comfortable answering myself.  I’m not interested in your bank statements or if you think you have star appeal.
But I am addressing a specific group of readers: those who enjoy Scottish-set romances.
I want to know why you love them.
I’m curious because every once in a while, someone will as
k me why I write Scottish books.  It always boggles my mind that someone could ask this.  After all, what isn’t to love about Scotland?  And where can you find a more perfect backdrop for romance?
All the right ingredients are there.  Take a sweeping landscape magnificent enough to move grown men to tears and then toss in thousands of years of history, both tragic and triumphant, smooth in a generous helping of legend and lore, and then add a dash of mist and a swirl of earthy-sweet peat smoke, a castle or two, and a good, rousing skirl of the pipes, a flash of tartan, and you’ll have a heady blend guaranteed to stir the heart of the most jaded romantic.
And those are just a few of Scotland’s glories.
Here’s a peek at one of my favorite castle ruins.  This is Ardvreck in Scotland’s far north.  Ardvreck has a colorful and tragic history, as do so many Scottish castles.  I took this photo from the road and it shows the kind of landscape that swells Scotophile hearts.
Below is the view from inside Ardvreck.  If you look at the photo above, you can see the arched openings I scrambled through to explore the inner rooms of the ruin.  They were full of rubble, cramped, dark, and musty-smelling.  And, to me, it was a little piece of heaven.
Tangible history all around me and – be still my heart – such a wild, empty landscape stretching in every direction.  If I had a magic wand, I’d transport anyone who asks me ‘why I write Scottish books’ to Ardvreck and let them stand there for a while, all alone inside that atmosphere-laden ruin with nothing but the wind and the chill of the stones to keep them company.  And, oh yeah, maybe a few ghosts!
Perhaps then, they’d understand.
There is so much in Scotland that enchants.
But if I listed everything wonderful about Scotland, this blog would be way too long and I’d be in danger of missing my next deadline.
If I started detailing why I’m so passionate about medieval Scotland, I’d really be in trouble.  I could fill pages about the great days of the clans and the larger-than-life men and women who defined valor and bravery and who loved the land so fiercely that to this day, their descendants feel an irresistible pull to return. 
Ancient Gaeldom was a time when heroism, clan pride, and loyalty meant everything.  Blood feuds were real and swords clashed often.  Men died for honor and they did so gladly.  Yet for all the ferocity, the sweet songs of a bard were as prized as a warrior’s fighting skills.  And everywhere, Highland hospitality was a sacred, unbreakable code.  This is the world you’ll enter in the pages of A Highlander’s Temptation (GCP, Oct. 2009) when Darroc MacConacher and Arabella MacKenzie are swept into a tempestuous passion as irresistible as it is forbidden.  Their clans are bitter foes and acknowledging their love could shatter everything they hold dear.
I loved working with Arabella and Darroc as I wrote A Highlander’s Temptation (GCP, Oct. 2009).  The book’s deadline let me live alongside them in the distant time that so fascinates me.  And – if you haven’t yet guessed – what I also really enjoy about writing Scottish books is getting to return in my mind to the special places in Scotland that I love so much.
As a born Scotophile, that’s always a wonderful perk for me.  For example, in A Highlander’s Temptation (GCP, Oct. 2009) I used my own ancestral isle, Colonsay in the Hebrides, as my inspiration for Darroc’s remote Hebridean home, MacConacher’s Isle.  But as I shared above, it isn’t just the beauty of the land that makes Scotland such a great setting for a romance novel.
The fascination also lies in the history, the people, the traditions and lore, and the culture.  And, of course, there’s the mythic aspect.  Highland magic can’t ever be left out of the mix because Celtic legend and beliefs were very real and a large part of daily life.
To me, that’s a lot to love.
It’s certainly ample reason to set my books in Scotland.  Of course, I also do that because Scotland really is my greatest passion.  And like the old adage that a writer should write what they know, I believe it is more important to write what you love.
That’s what I’m doing, too.  With all due respect to other romantic subgenres, you’ll never see me writing anything else because my heart wouldn’t be in it and that would show.  The words would be just ink on the page, totally flat. 
It’s Scotland or nothing for me.
And that’s how I answer people who corner me at dinner parties and ask, “Why do you set your books in Scotland?”
So what about you?
If you love reading Scottish books, please tell me why.  Are you of Scottish descent like me, loving Scotland since birth?  Or is it simply the beauty of the land?  Are you a history buff, keen on Scotland’s past?  Or is it Celtic legend and lore?  Could it be the kilties?  I haven’t yet mentioned one of Scotland’s greatest treasures: the super-sexy, buttery-rich burr.  I can’t imagine a woman alive who wouldn’t melt on hearing a Scottish accent.
Or – and I’m making it easy on you – is it all of the above?
I’m looking forward to your answers!
Anyone still needing a reason to love Scotland will find plenty at my website: www.welfonder.com  And if you’d like to visit Scotland but can’t make the trip just now, A Highlander’s Temptation (GCP, Oct. 2009) will take you there.

Thank you so much, Sue-Ellen!
Thanks to Anna and those wonderful people at Hachette
I can giveaway 5 copies of
A Highlander’s Temptation
Here are the Rules:
* Giveaway open to residents of the Us and Canada only.
*No PO Box Addresses, please.
You do not have to be a follower to enter,
but it would be greatly appreciated.
*Please leave a comment telling me 
if  your are a “Scotophile.”
*Must leave a valid email address
in your comment.
That’s it – one entry!
Giveaway ends at 
Noon Central Time
Good Luck & Good Reading

A HIGHLANDERS TEMPTATION Blog Tour / Sue-Ellen Welfonder Guest Post and Giveaway

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  1. While I don't consider myself a 'Scotophile', I do like the area and visiting Scotland is on my list of TTSBID!

    Add my name to the draw please. Would love to read this book.

    I am a follower

    kkhaas AT bellsouth DOT net

  2. Sue-Ellen's love of Scotland sure comes through! I would love to visit sometime, back in our family tree, the Ramsay plaid makes an appearance. I am a follower!


  3. I would not consider myself a scotophile, but I do love the scenery and rich history of the land. I hope to be able to visit some day. Please enter me. I am a follower.


  4. I've never even been to Scotland, but I am half Scottish on my mom's side.
    I am a follower – rae_sunshine4(at)yahoo.com

  5. Hello Ladies! – I'm just looking in to say hello.

    Libby! – I LOVE your doggy header. Too cute. That's such a wonderful quote and the dog is precious. I love, love, love dogs. So your whole blog just really warms my heart. I also was delighted to see the purple Animal Rescue site button. I use it, too.

    Thank you so much for having me here today and for presenting this essay in such a lovely way. I appreciate it.

    Now let's see who is here….

    Karen H in NC – It's so nice to see you. Thanks so much for looking in. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you do get to Scotland. I'm betting you will, wanting to go so much. Thanks for your good words. I appreciate them.

    HoldenJ – Ahhh, there's the sweet beagle again. It's lovely to see you in here, too. Yes, I live and breathe Scotland, I think. I love Scotland that much. Ramsays… excellent! I hope you do get there someday. I've stayed at an ancient Ramsay seat that is now kept as a luxurious castle hotel. It's Dalhousie Castle near Edinburgh. WONDERFUL place and you definitely should visit there when you go. My room there was the oldest in the castle – down in the very deepest section of the castle – and the original medieval well was inside my room. My night there inspired my first Allie Mackay book, Highlander In Her Bed.
    Amazing place! With Ramsay ancestry, you really should go there sometime.

    Jasmyn – Thanks so much for looking in. You're right. There is no place on earth with more breathtaking scenery. Or a more proud and rich heritage. Scotland just has it all. I sure hope you do get there someday.

    Raspberry – I hope you get to Scotland, too. Especially with your Scottish roots. Thank you so much for looking in. I apreciate it.

    Libby and Everyone – Thank you so much for having me here and for commenting, everyone. I'll look in again this evening so that I don't miss anyone.

    Meantime, good luck in the drawing and have fun!

    Alba gu brath!
    (that's Gaelic for "Scotland forever!")

  6. While not a Scotophile exactly I do enjoy reading books placed in the country. I love the history of all England, Scotland and Wales. The hubby has Scots in his background, I have Irish.

    Thanks for the giveaway. And I am a follower.

  7. I don't consider myself a Scotophile but I am a great admirer of the history and would love to visit Scotland someday. Thanks for the giveaway. I am now a follower.


  8. Hi Sue Ellen and Libby!

    Yes, I love romances set in Scotland. Never been there but it's just so different from Hawaii, I just have always been drawn to historical romances set in the highlands… and ok, it's not just the setting but the highlander, too! My DH doesn't read historical romances but he knows and loves his scotch!


  9. Hi Sue-Ellen,
    Congrats on the new release. I'm not sure if I qualify as a Scotophile, but I do appreciate Scottish men, their kilts and their accents.

    I'm a follower of this blog.

    janie1215 AT excite DOT com

  10. I'm not a Scotophile but I love Scotland as a setting and I hope to visit there with my hubby one day. He has some Scottish ancestry.


    (sorry – I messed up my email addy in the above post.)

  11. I love anything and everything Scottish. Not sure if I would be called a Scotophile though!

    simplystacieblog at gmail dot com

  12. Hello Ladies – Thanks so much for looking in here, all of you.

    Pricilla – I'm so glad you enjoy Scottish-set books. You certainly do have the ideal background. It's also so nice to see when someone loves history.

    Cherie J – Another history lover. It's so nice to see readers keen on history.

    Etirv – Hello! I'm so pleased to see you you loving Scottish-set historicals. The romance genre has changed so much in recent years. I am so delighted to see readers still appreciating historicals. That's so nice!

    Hawaii … are you there, Etirv? I spent a lot of time in Hawaii (all islands) years ago when I was a flight attendant. Always had fun there … such beauty! But you're right, it's the other side of the moon from Scotland.

    Btw, I apreciate a good dram, too. My faves are Highland Park, from Orkney, and Royal Brackla, from a small distillery near Nairn/Inverness. I also enjoy Talisker, from Skye.

    Jane – You said it in a nutshell. There is so much to the appeal of Scotland. But who can resist the kilties and their melt-you-where-you're-standing burrs? Big sigh….

    Crystal – Thanks so much for looking in. You definitely need to go, with the dh being of Scottish descent. Here's sending you good wishes that you'll get there soon.

    Through the Haze – Good to see you here! I'm so glad you enjoy Scottish-set books. I hope you'll like mine.

    Stacie – I'm delighted you love all things Scottish. I hope you'll enjoy the book.

    Everyone – Good luck in the drawing and for tonight…

    Alba gu brath!
    (that means "Scotland forever!")

  13. While I may not exactly be a "Scotophile", I am intrigued by my Scottish heritage. I descend from the chief of the MacIntyre clan. The Scots are a scrappish bunch!

    nfmgirl AT gmail DOT com

  14. please include me in your giveaway (bookmakeupreview AT gmail DOT com). and yes, i am a scotophile: i love reading about scotland, i think kilts are sexy, and i LOVE listening to the scottish brogue.

  15. Hi Ladies – Just looking in again so that I don't miss anyone.

    Nfmgirl – The MacIntyres have a proud heritage, indeed. I'd be so thrilled to have a direct lineage to a chief. That's fantastic. My family hail from the Hebrides and were the official Keepers of the Records for the MacDonald Lords of the Isles. Not a chiefly line, but I love that they were scribes. And I think the sun rises and sets in Clan Donald, so I'm proud of the connection.

    Michelle – You've got me smiling. I'm so glad you love reading about Scotland. Yes, the kilties are hot. And the men can melt a woman just by reading the back of a cereal box. Their voices are that sexy. Oh, yes…

  16. Oh, I love reading books set in Scotland and this one sounds great. I am a follower and have a link to your blog on my site.

    buckfamily (at) ptd (dot) net

  17. I love anything about Scotland. My Scots bloodline goes way way back.

    I would love to read this book.


  18. Hi Ladies – I wanted to look in again so I don't miss anyone….

    Jill – I'm so glad that you love Scottish-set books. And I'm delighted that my latest sounds good to you. I hope you'll enjoy the book. Thank you for looking in here.

    Barbara – Thanks so much for looking in here. I'm delighted that you love all things Scottish. With such deep Scottish roots, you surely feel the 'pull' deeply. I hope you'll enjoy the book.

    Good luck to you both in the drawing. The same to everyone else.

    Thanks so much for looking in here. I appreciate it.

  19. I'm not a Scotophile but this book sounds so good, I may become one!

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 AT gmail DOT com

  20. Unfortunately, I'm not a 'scotophile.' This books sounds lush and green and beautiful.

    karen k

  21. I enjoy reading Scottish romances because the land, the culture and the language are beautiful and interesting=) I really have no better answer than that. I just know what I enjoy=)
    Luvdaylilies at bellsouth dot net

  22. Yes, I'm a Scotophile! Love the accents, the scenery and the bit of magic! Thanks for a chance to win! mesreadsATgmailDOTcom

  23. I'm not quite a Scotophile, simply because I've never visited. But I love the romance – I've seen/read so much about Scotland, that it's hard not to love. One day, I hope to visit and complete the cycle.


  24. I am not a Scotophile, but do enjoy historical romances, like Outlander.
    Please enter me.
    stacybooks at yahoo

  25. I do enjoy read books set in Scotland, but I also enjoy reading lots of stories set in other countries as well. I just like to broaden my horizons a little, since there will never be enough time and money to visit everywhere that I would like to explore.

    [email protected](dot)com

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