Alpinestars Motorcycle Jacket Options for Spring ‘18

Besides your helmet, your motorcycle jacket is the most important part of your riding wardrobe. Not only does your jacket protect you from the hazards of the road, track or trail, it shows of your riding cred. Fortunately, you don’t have to surrender your sense of style to stay safe behind the handlebars of your bike. Instead, add an Alpinestars motorcycle jacket to your closet. Here are three of the best all season motorcycle jackets Alpinestars has for Spring 2018.

Northshore Tech Fleece Jacket

For good reason, virtually everyone loves the comfort of fleece. One of the most exciting pieces in the Alpinestars collection is the Northshore Tech Fleece jacket. Designers at the company took the best thing about fleece, its wearable nature, and made it appropriate for all-weather rides. The elbows and shoulders on this jacket are customizable, giving you the ability to add extra armor. Meanwhile, the jacket’s windbreaker membrane keeps you dry and warm on both short and long trips.

Koln Drystar Jacket

Spring weather conditions can be unpredictable. The Alpinestars Koln Drystar jacket features breathable, wearable fabric that is both light-weight and warm. Because the jacket offers a four-in-one design, you can add or remove thermal, windbreaker and other layers to help you better manage spring rain. Similarly, the jacket’s air intakes help keep you cool during warmer conditions.

RJ-5 Motorcycle Rain Jacket

One of the more affordable jackets in the Alpinestar collection is the RJ-5 motorcycle rain jacket. The jacket features a heavy-weight exterior to keep you dry and a light-weight interior to keep you flexible. Even better, because the jacket is collapsible, you can easily store it when the rain stops pouring.

Buying a new Alpinestars motorcycle jacket is quick and easy if you know where to shop. As the world’s largest online seller of motorcycle parts and accessories, has the perfect Alpinestars jacket for your riding lifestyle. Rather than wasting valuable time trying to jack down your new gear, head over to and order a new Alpinestars jacket to get the most out of your springtime rides.

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