Your dog is going to be your best friend. If you don’t have that sort of relationship with your dog, is there any point in having one! You should be there for them, just like they should be for you. When you get ill, they can sense it and they change their behaviors to try and comfort you as much as possible. When they’re ill, it can rock your whole world. They are your baby, and a poorly pooch is not something you ever want to have to deal with. But inevitably, something will go wrong, when it does, you need to make sure you know what to do to get them better asap. Here’s some of the most common ways a dog can become ill, and how you can try and make the situation better.


Dealing With Poorly Pooches

Born This Way

Some dogs are just born with issues that can’t be prevented. Some run in the genes of the breed of dog, others are just malfunctions within their DNA that has made them come out with a little something wrong. For example, mega-esophagus in dogs is something a fair few dogs can be born with, and it is a really unpleasant condition. Mega-esophagus is a regurgitation disease. It can be managed, but if ignored it can also be fatal to the dog. Issues like this aren’t uncommon, but they can be stressful for an owner to deal with. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t give up a dog because they have an issues. Some dogs spend months, even years in dog shelters due to the issues that they have! Another common issue within a specific breed is arthritis in the hips and hip dysplasia. This happens mainly in golden retrievers and Labradors, and can be really painful for them. Make sure you’re limiting how long they’re on walks for to keep their joints in a healthy condition, and always give them supplements to try and help them with the condition of their joints.

Preventable Issues

Some issues are ones that we can prevent, and we’re sure we can all agree we’d rather do anything that we can to prevent our pooch becoming poorly. The main thing that you can do is watch what you’re feeding your dog. So many people make the sad mistake of giving a dog things such as chocolate or other human foods that are actually really dangerous and poisonous for dogs. Apart from chicken and rice if they have a bad stomach, you should always stick to their normal food. If you have young children, making sure they don’t feed them anything is essential.

Doggy Neglect

If you leave your dog at home all day, come back for an hour then go out again for the evening, things are only going to go downhill for them. Dogs love attention, and they are just as needy as humans are. So, what we recommend is making sure you’re dedicating at least 4 hours a day to being within the company of your dog. It’ll make them so happy, gives you time to tire them out, and will reduce depression in both of you would you believe it or not!


Dealing With Poorly Pooches

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