6 Ways To Feel and Look Younger Each Day

While there is nothing you can do to physically stop time from moving and your age from getting higher each year, you can do plenty of things to make yourself look and feel much younger. Instead of being afraid of the next birthday coming up, you can embrace it with healthy habits and lifestyle choices that allow you to live your best life and be the best version of yourself. Here are the six most important ways you can feel and look younger every day, no matter how old you are.

1. Hydrate

The first ingredient to looking and feeling much younger than your age is water. Not only does drinking water throughout the day helps your skin look more moisturized, supple, and gorgeous, but drinking water also helps improve your energy, focus, and mood. People who drink water as their main beverage source are less likely to reach for high-calorie alternatives, such as sugary juices, sodas, or other drinks. Water is also beneficial to your blood pressure, immune system, and muscles. Need more? Try carrying around a reusable water bottle and challenge yourself to drain it and refill at least twice daily.

1. Fuel

Another big factor in how young you feel and look is what you eat. People who look older than they typically have poor diets consisting of junk food, processed ingredients, and greasy meals. Individuals who eat wholesome foods and focus on clean eating tend to have smaller waistlines, more energy, and better health. Eating clean means focusing your meals on more nutritious foods, such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy, and lean cuts of meat.

3. Move

Today’s generations may also look and feel older than their actual age because of how sedentary society has become. Digital devices, entertainment, and television have made it difficult for most people to commit to a more active lifestyle. If you want to look and feel like you’re still in your twenties, though, you’ve got to get up and get moving. Studies have shown a link to regular exercise and slowing down the aging process.

4. Educate

It’s also important to seek out information about your health and wellness whenever possible if you want to slow your own aging process. Much of this information can be found at your doctor or through diagnostic testing organizations, such as OncoCellMDx, led by Harry Stylli. Don’t shy away from tests and screenings as you age to determine your risk factor of developing health issues and cancers.

5. Connect

Connecting with others is also a great way to feel and look your best, even as you age well into your senior years. Today’s busy lifestyle and work schedules make it difficult to stay connected to loved ones outside of your immediate family. Texting and social media shouldn’t be your main source of human contact. Make time to get together with your friends to keep those relationships long-lasting, healthy, and beneficial. Have fun with family members in your extended circle and stay in contact with them on a regular basis.

6. Enjoy

The last way people keep themselves fresh and young for years is by simply enjoying their passions in life. Life is too short to commit to a job you hate, be with a partner you don’t get along with, or dream about things you’ll never strive for. Instead, make decisions to help you get closer to your dreams and ultimate happy goals. Take that trip this year instead of just thinking about it. Go on an adventure or climb that mountain.

You can turn back the clock and make yourself look as if you’re not aging if you follow some of these tips. Stay healthy, happy, and energetic to give you.  Bonus tip – Moisturize! Use the Image Skincare Vital C Hydrating Intense Moisturizer for soft and supple skin.

6 Ways To Feel and Look Younger Each Day

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