Tips to extend the life of your roof

Tips to Extend the Life of Your Roof

Roof restoration services have been built up mainly in the construction industry as the most trustworthy industry. Restoring service is basically upgrading the current roofing system already in use. Instead of replacing the roof system this system makes it easier for upgrading the roof. This process is much cheaper and very convenient for roof replacement.

It is a term used to describe the process of repairing, cleaning and re-coating roof. Whether the roofing system in leaking or had faced any damage instead of altogether replacing the roof, this roof restoration services is of great benefit, where you do not need to go for complete replacement only upgrading the current system is all good to go.

Roof restoration has an extensive market and is extremely competitive.  There are various sizes which are available from small, medium to large depending upon the house size.

The factors which affect the length of the roof’s life are the quality of materials used in construction and restoration of the roof, the amount of roof coating used and also the ability of the company to provide warranty services as quickly as possible. These few factors are weighed of great importance while going for roof restoration service. The after sales service provided by the company is of utmost importance in these purchases.

Generally, a large company will have a great process in place to handle these demands from the customers and be able to provide the required feedback. A high quality Roofing Contractor will be able to get the work done quickly, efficiently, at a good price and to a good quality. You’ll be able to rely on their services and won’t have to worry about work not being carried out properly the first time around.

This service has both advantages and disadvantages, let us have a look at both of them:

The various benefits of roof restoration service are:

  • If roof restoration services are installed correctly, they can stop all or any type of leakages or any other problems faced in them.
  • For this roof restoration service, there is a team of expert professionals who use the appropriate techniques to install them correctly.
  • This can cause moisture problems and water damage only if not installed correctly and seamlessly.
  • Roof restorations can extend up to a great life if they are kept cool from the sun and away from the moisture.
  • Roof restoration service can lift up to for about 25 years to lift up the roof and reduce the amount of discarded roof materials.

The material used for roof restoration service is silicon

There are many different materials and type of roof coating coming up but they are generally more expensive and do not last for a longer time. As compared to them silicon roofing is much stronger and lasts for more time than other materials. One of the strengths of silicon roofing is that they tout for easy installation and very convenient to renew your roof with this system.

This means that if your roof is old, facing any leakage problem, wearing down, getting too much heat, losing energy, or failing in a way which might not be the actual structure of it then restorations is the technique which you need to use. All you need to do is just wash your roof and apply the appropriate amount of primer as required and apply the silicon coating on the surface. You may also use some polyester fabric to handle the roof setting properly and correctly.

Silicon roof provides protection from elements as they create a protective sheet. It is waterproof and very seamless. Silicon roof restorations are also reflective which keeps you away from the direct heat of sun rays, which means that the roof can maintain proper temperature. The benefit of this coating is after 10-15 years after the installation of roof you can just re-apply the spray and the roof is good to go for another 10 years.

Moving towards the limitations or risks in Roof restoration is:

Many rooftops are flat surfaced which causes water clogging in some areas of the roof. Due to this many rooftops are not rated and warranted for water ponding and therefore the roofs tops may fail prematurely when exposed to water standing for a long period.

Serious consideration should be given to the limitations that are faced by coating sheets which are selected. Few of the manufacturers will guarantee their products which includes water ponding.  The other disadvantage that you may face is the delicacy of the product. As the roof may be delicate it is not recommended to walk on them which might cause breakage.

Also, the rooftops are heavy and correct reinforcement should be made and proper installation should be installed so that there is no problem especially during summers.

Thought these rooftops are long lasting but still there is some maintenance which needs to be done. After every 20 years, the materials will have to be replaced and restored again to gain its longevity again. To prevent these more workforces are required because of regular checks.    

Tips to Extend the Life of Your Roof

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  1. I like that you mentioned that proper roof restoration can prevent any kind of leaks for a long time. There is a section of my roof that has been leaking a small amount of water for a while now. I wanted to have that repaired, but it might be better for me to just have the whole roof restored.

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