Most Popular Wedding Themes for 2020

Is your wedding day drawing closer? Instead of resting on your laurels and waiting until the last minute, you should start preparing for your big day. Before you start looking for the venue, wedding dress, wedding hashtag, and décor, you should find a wedding theme. Here are the most popular wedding trends for 2020 that you should consider:

Tropical Getaway

Although you have probably heard of a tropical wedding before, you can still revamp it to meet your desire. Whether you want a destination wedding or not, you can always make your venue look like your dream destination. For instance, if you have always wanted to have your wedding in the Maldives but cannot afford to, you should recreate your venue to look like your dream place.

You should decorate your venue with colorful accents and palm leaves from your favorite flowers to achieve a tropical theme.If you want to learn more on how you might to use the fresh flowers visit and stay up to date about latest trends.

Most Popular Wedding Themes for 2020

Roaring 20s

If you prefer the glamour and glitz that was present in the prohibition era, you can bring it back in 2020. This theme will include embellished dresses for the bride and bridal party. Moreover, vintage décor will really bring out the roaring 20s. Accessories that catch the eye and throwback music should top off this theme.

When choosing your wedding gown from sites such as Azazie, you should go with some adornments. On your wedding day, you should pair your dress with stylish vintage accessories.

Big Greek Wedding

Mythological elements such as Greek goddesses and gods inspire Grecian wedding themes. If you want to have an elegant wedding, you should consider having a Greek wedding theme. You will have to decorate your venue with golden accents, pillars, drapes, and vines.

The color theme for your wedding should be earthy tones. What would a Grecian theme be without gold accessories? You should accessorize your wedding gown with a gold necklace, bracelet, and a pair of earrings. To make your wedding unique, you should take a little creative license with this theme. For instance, you can go overboard with the golden accents.


Now that brides are falling in love with succulents, desert weddings are in style. The best thing about a desert wedding theme is that you can plan a beautiful ceremony with minimal décor. You need minimal décor to allow the landscape speak for itself.

The décor items that you need for a desert theme include wooden accents and antlers. Aim for dusty and warm tones to bring out the desert theme properly. To tie the entire look together, you should include bohemian-style clothes and a Bohemian backdrop.

Most Popular Wedding Themes for 2020

Neon Theme

Neon has been a solid trend for a long time, which means that you can throw a neon-themed wedding in 2020. Such a theme will make your wedding fun, interesting, and nostalgic, especially for the older guests who still remember the 80s and 90s. Look for neon string lights and signs then choose a dark venue that will make these colors pop.

Neon themes come in different styles. While some couples like subtle neon themes, others like to have every surface decked in neon. To make your wedding unique, you should consider the following aspects:

Color – neon colors can bring originality and definition to your wedding. You should include some bright-colored table-setting accessories to liven up the wedding.

Signs – the best way to incorporate this theme into your wedding is by including neon signs. You can use them to light up the dance floor and decorate the reception area.


The above wedding themes for 2020 will come in handy if you are planning a wedding. You need to work with a planner to realize your vision.


Most Popular Wedding Themes for 2020

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