Top Reasons Why Keeping Furniture Clean is Vital

Keeping your house – including your furniture – clean is vital for several reasons. You don’t have to clean it every single day, but regular cleaning will help keep it in good condition. If you have pets at home, the more you have to keep your furniture clean, as they shed their fur which sticks to the furniture. If you need more convincing that you need to clean your furniture on a regular basis, read on.

Furniture lasts longer

Your Bernhardt furniture will last more years when you keep it clean compared to when you don’t. Furniture can be expensive, so if always dirty, it deteriorates more quickly. You don’t get your money’s worth. If you take care of your furniture, it will serve you a long time, even if you use it often and your pets bounce on it and scratch it.

Keeps your health in check

Sweat and dirt can stick to furniture, especially that made of fabric. When sweat, dust, pet dander and germs accumulate on a piece of furniture that you regularly use, the chances are high that these things will stick to your skin, causing various skin diseases and other illnesses such as allergies. When you clean and vacuum your furniture, make sure all the nooks and crannies are clean too. That is where they accumulate the most, so make sure you don’t neglect the corners. Family members who have existing illnesses such as asthma will significantly benefit from clean upholstery. Dirt and dust will trigger their condition more.

You can resell it at a reasonable price

If you are fond of switching up your home furniture on a regular basis, then keeping it clean will allow you to sell it at a better price than if it is dirty and grimy. Used furniture has a wide market, so keep your couch and beds clean so you can get your money back.

Dealing with dirty furniture

Your couch, bed and cabinets will inevitably get dirty. When you see a piece that is already accumulating dirt and pet dander, take out your cleaning materials right away. The quicker you clean it, the less the dirt will stick. Should the dirt or stain require professional help, you can call a reputable service center that can get rid of the stubborn stain for you.

Interpreting codes on furniture

Your furniture comes with cleaning instructions, and they are sometimes in code. Understanding what they mean will help you immensely.

• DC means dry clean only.

• E and N mean that you have to use a leather care kit.

• S means that you can only use a dry cleaning agent.

• W means you can only use a water-based shampoo or other cleaning substance.

Furniture comes in different materials, which require different cleaning techniques. One cleaning technique for one piece may not be appropriate for another, so be careful when using cleaning agents, as the wrong ones may damage your furniture. Ask the manufacturer for the best cleaning solution that you can use to help prolong the life of your furniture.

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Top Reasons Why Keeping Furniture Clean is Vital

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  1. Honestly, I’m too afraid to clean my furniture myself (I don’t want to ruin it!) so I just have the professionals take care of it. I definitely believe in having clean furniture though, especially since my family has allergies and keeping everything clean helps a lot!

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