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Make Your Home Stylish on a Budget With Concrete Stained Floors

Home improvement can be really expensive. It demands a lot of money, learning, and time to complete a project, and that can be disheartening when you’re on a tight budget. But we found a way to get around it with results we think you’d like: concrete staining!

Concrete stained floors are effortlessly cool, unique, and most importantly, much cheaper than most refinishing options. If you have concrete floors at home, it’s time to breathe life into them with some stains!

What options do I have?

Concrete staining is perfect for anyone who has concrete floors in their home. And yes, that includes homeowners who have already previously stained their concrete floors but want a new look. Whether space is indoors or outdoors, there are concrete stain options for you.

Stains generally come in two forms: acid and water-based. It is helpful to understand the differences and characteristics of both in order to determine which type is best for the project you have in mind.

What is the difference between acid and water-based concrete stains?

Acid stains are a wonderful choice for people looking for randomized and rich colors in their concrete stained floors. They are a reactive formula that responds chemically to the concrete to create a strong bond; this makes their effects unpredictable and marble-like. Acid stains are only available in a limited amount of colors, unfortunately, but if you like the colors they come in, it’s perfect for you.You can opt for Concrete Epoxy to provide you the highest quality work that meets your expectations.”

Water-based stains, on the other hand, are non-reactive and thus create a solid consistent stain throughout the concrete slab. They are also available in a wide range of colors and are generally safer to use and more environmentally-friendly. The results are less unique but they are perfect for people looking to bring a punch of color into their floors without breaking the bank.

Using either is a great choice, but it will always come down to personal preference.

What if I want to get designs on the floors?

Concrete stained floors don’t have to be boring and monochromatic. There is a fair amount of room for experimentation allowed in the medium, and we encourage you to be creative and have fun with it!

Here are some ideas of what else can be achieved with concrete stains:

· Multiple colors. If you prefer a multi-colored floor, it can be done with concrete stains. Both acid and water-based stains can be mixed and blended with other colors to create unique effects. Go with acid stains if you want the colors to still have a marbling effect, but choose water-based stains if you prefer a soft blended gradient between colors.

· Patterns. With the use of a stencil and a clever contractor, you can imprint designs and patterns on your concrete stained floors with both acid and water-based stains. You can pair this with concrete stamping for a complete look with grooves and indents.

What should I save on and what should I splurge on?

Concrete stain DIY kits are generally widely available and affordable. If you want a simple stain and have the time to learn the proper procedures of carefully staining floors, we would suggest you save on the stains and do it yourself.

However, if you have a more complicated design you want or if it is a large area, we suggest hiring a professional. Remember that concrete staining is permanent, and restaining concrete is a costly process that still won’t be able to completely remove the previous stain. It is important to be careful with it.

Whether you choose to DIY it or hire a professional, we would recommend not going cheap with your sealer. If there is one thing you should spend more money on, it is the sealer. It is necessary to protect your newly stained floors and cheap sealers can peel off and go yellow and damage the concrete floors underneath.

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  • Thank you so much for informing me that acid stains can give a marbling effect to concrete and you can use concrete stamping to add textures and designs to the surface. Construction on my home just finished, and now I want to put in a driveway. I want something unique that will accent the exterior of my home. I will have to look into coloured concrete options for the exterior!


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