How You Can Choose the Best Watch for Your Hand and Wrist Size

If you are on the lookout for a nice wristwatch which you can wear every day or at different events and occasions, you may already know that there are a lot of choices in wristwatch styles out there: there are classic dress watches, pilot watches, field watches, dive watches, sports watches, and so on. But even if you have already decided on the style that’s right for you, there’s another very important matter to consider; how to choose your watch so it’s a good fit for your hand and wrist size. There is something about a watch that looks too big or too small; it just doesn’t work. So how can you be sure that the watch you choose is the proper fit? Here’s your practical guide to choosing the best watch according to your hand and wrist size.

Why it’s important

Aside from considering the watch’s functionality and its suitability to your requirements and lifestyle, there’s no doubt that you have to consider its proportion to your hand and wrist size as well. For example, if the watch you choose is too big for the wrist, the watch will stand out too starkly against your wrist and it may even look too garish or gaudy. If it is too small, it could look like a wristwatch for a woman. Also the function of the watch needs to be taken into consideration the fit is especially important when choosing the best dive watches.

The rule of thumb

In general, there’s a specific rule for choosing a wristwatch that’s right for your hand and wrist size. If your wrist’s circumference is 6 inches to 7 inches, then you want to choose a watch which has a case diameter measuring 38 to 42 millimetres in width. If you have a wrist that’s bigger than 7 inches, you can opt for a watch with a case diameter that is from 44 to 46 millimeters in width.

But it all comes down to personal choice in the end, and if you are keen on getting a big watch such as those worn by rappers, then, by all means, go ahead and do it. Just be sure to remember that whatever kind of watch you wear, it will give others a definite impression about you, and if you want to give the right impression, then it’s best to stick with a watch that’s the right fit for your personality.

Other factors to consider

But there are indeed other factors to consider when you are buying a watch. Aside from thinking about the style of watch and its type and size, you also have to consider the price range. The thing with watches is that there are those which are really quite expensive, so are you willing to spend a lot of money for something that tells the same time as a cheap timepiece? Some would say that true luxury watches are an investment, but many would also say that these timepieces are expensive due to their marketing. Because they have been cleverly marketed, the public has the impression that they are rare and can be sold for thousands of pounds – when in fact, they are mass-produced, just like other, less expensive watches out there.

Of course, some people will go for luxury watches, much in the same way they will go for luxury cars – for the status symbol and the mystique. But if you don’t consider yourself one of those individuals, you could do very well with a reasonably-priced, reliable piece, such as a Burberry watch which is not only relatively affordable but can look quite nice and function very well.

But at the end of the day, the choice is up to you. Your wristwatch will say a lot about your personality, your lifestyle, and your desire and preference, so it’s best to choose a watch that suits all these factors.

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  • I like how you mentioned that the watch you wear gives an impression about you. I’d personally like to give the impression that I’m a fantasy nerd. Hm, I wonder if there are any designer watches that would work well at a Steampunk convention.


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