Stress should be my middle name!
I worry and stress out about almost everything.
Seriously…The housing market,
the price of milk, the air pressure in the tires,
my weight, my lack of height,
my dogs’ ears, tutu color combinations.
If there is ANYTHING that I can stress
out over, you better believe that 

My biggest cause for stress is:
Husband, parents, kids, kids-in-law, and grandchildren!

Are they okay? Can they pay their bills?
Are they too cold, or too hot?
Are they sick, have they gone to the doctor,
has anyone been hurt?

How do I help to relieve some of the stress?
Well, I don’t drink, and I don’t smoke…
 on occasion, I’ve tried my favorite cookies,
 but they just tend to add
to the stressing over my weight…
One of my biggest stress relievers is a 
Monoglide Water Saving 4-Function Hand Shower Alternate View
American Standard….Take Me AWAY!


With the stylish Monoglide Hand Shower,

                     I can switch from one to another, 

with just the slide of a button.

Since the beginning of time, mankind
has come to understand,
that water has incredible restorative powers.
I know that I can step into a hot shower,
and my tension will start to melt away.

We have had American Standard Products
in our homes for years and years,
and they have been of the highest quality. 
With a family of 12
(2 parents, and 10 kids…and often grand kids)
you can only begin to imagine the use and 
wear on the toilets, and other plumbing
fixtures in our homes…
and speaking of toilets, let me 
introduce you to 
American Standards’, Professor Toilet,

His blog is an online classroom
about all things “plumbing”.

American Standard Monoglide Hand Shower

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