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0 thoughts on “iPhone Info-graphicby Tiny Prints = Interesting Facts

  1. I guess I am not in the 18-34 demographic (OK, way out of this demographic!) because to me the sole purpose of an iPad cover is to protect it from bumps, bangs and drops.

  2. Am I the only technologically person left on the planet? No iPhone, tablet, instagram (not even sure what Instagram is)….only a clunky old desktop. Had a laptop but someone took it. : (

  3. Interesting facts. I have an iPhone and am more interested in the functionality of my case especially since its such an expensive device. My case is just plane black and white! 🙂

  4. Thank you for sharing,alot of interesting information here that i will share with my brother who has an iphone.

  5. I don’t have a Iphone only a cheap cell phone and of course a kindle Fire, love technology gadgets.

  6. I think the percentage of people who have a case for fashion rather than protection is hilarious!

  7. While you want a case that looks nice, I’m not willing to pay $100 no less $1000 or $100000. Seems crazy! Interesting facts. Fun to learn what people are doing even if I can’t imagine it.

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