2010 is almost gone, but a new year is waiting
right around the corner.
Will I choose to make positive steps to improve my life,
and therefor improve the lives of those around me…
or will I make the mistake of doing the same things the same way
and not progressing and moving forward?
In years past I’ve made the usual New Years resolutions:
Lose All My Excess Weight
Exercise Regularly
Grow All My Own Vegetables.
Can a Years Worth of Food
Be a Better Wife, Mother, Grandmother, and Friend.
Yada Yada Yada
I started out with zeal, and then quickly let things sliiiiiiiiiiiiide.
I’ve set myself up for failure, because I bite off more than I can chew.
I need to remember that the way to eat an elephant,
is one bite at a time.
Slow steady progress, is better than no progress at all.
I am setting small goals aimed at achieving a more
healthy and balanced life.
Here are a few things on my list of Plans and Aspirations:
1.  Lose 10% of my body weight.
(In the past I’ve always decided on losing 100 lbs., which is
so unfathomable, that I’ve become despondent and given up.)
2.  Incorporate exercise into my daily routines.
(Instead of shooting for 30 -45 of brisk exercise 5-6 days a week,
I plan to walk a little farther when out with Gabe, move a little
faster when moping the floors, dance around a little, when
no one is looking:-))
3.  Plant a small (and I do mean small) garden, 
with a few vegetables and flowers.
(Easy things like green bell peppers, cherry tomatoes
and zinnas.)
4. Get a canner – well duh.. and start out with the
goal of canning a weeks worth of meals.
(I’ve been pricing canners, reading up on safe
canning techniques, and compiling a list
of meals and ingredients.)
5.  Look at myself as a worthy investment, as thus
spend some time and effort on myself.
(If I’m happier and healthier, it’s a given
that I’ll be a better person for all the people
that I love.)
There is so much that I want to learn and accomplish,
and if I put my mind to it, the possibilities are almost endless.
In the past I’m dwelt on what I can’t do…what has held
me back…how poor my health has been.
I made a comittment and effort, this past year, to be truly
Thankful for my family and friends, for having a roof over my head, 
clothes on my back, and enough to eat.
Thankful for living in a great country.
Thankful for being able to worship freely.
Thankful for the medical care that I get
and the medications that make my life so much easier.
Thankful for the tough times, that help me to realize
how good I really “have it”, and for the opportunity
to grow intellectually and spiritually.
I plan to continue my quest to be thankful, and to add a goal of being 
And by content, I mean to strive to be happy with what I have,
and not wanting more possessions.
I don’t need a new pair of shoes, just because they are on sale,
or another appliance, to clutter my kitchen counters.
I don’t need new pillows for the sofa, or more paintings for the walls.
What I need is:

I hope to break out of the mold that I’ve placed myself in…
Because I’m fat – I can’t participate in fun activities.
Because my memory is poor – I can’t learn new concepts.
Because of my health – I can’t do things that other can.
I CAN DO MORE – I may just not be able to do them
exactly the way that I would like to…but I CAN DO MORE.
I aspire and plan to take advantage of all the life offers me.
So man fantastic possibilities stretch out ahead of me,
and by golly, I’m gonna grab on to them and hold on tight…
after all, I’m worth it- right?
Darn toot’n I am…and  SO ARE YOU?
What aspirations and plans for new possibilities,
do you have?
Share with me, because I really want to know.

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My Aspirations and Plans for New Possibilities in My Life!

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