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Organize It – Review – WooHoo!

I’m an organizational NUT
Instead of pouring over jewelry store sites
I salivate over storage tubs, and craft containers:-)
So, when I had the opportunity is review some items
from Organize It, I was beyond thrilled!

Organize It, is a one stop online shopping solution.
(And since I’m agoraphobic – 
online is my kind of shopping!)
They have everything that you can
possibly think of, for every room in your house.
My order arrived in about half the time that
was stated, and it was packaged perfectly.
No smashed boxes, and no wasted space.

I agonized over what to get.  
There are so many cool things!
I finally decided on this very cool

Deluxe Household Organizer

Just look at how much stuff I already have in it, 
and there is still room for more!
This is my stockpile, that’s in the guest room closet.
  I’m really thinking that I may add
another Deluxe Household Organizer
to the outside of the door.
This way I could fill it with items
for our overnight guests to use…
towels, wash clothes, extra toiletries.
I could even jazz it up with some silk plants,
tucked in here and there!
This would also be ideal to use in your pantry,.
bedroom closet, storage closet, or in the bathroom!

The other item that I got this time around, 
was a set of these nifty drawer organizers.

Evribox Sock Storage

These are made of a lightweight plastic, 
that simply “folds” together.
It took about a minute, total, to have them
ready to place in my
top dresser drawer.
I can think of a dozen other uses for these.
Perfect for crafts, small items in the garage,
and on pantry shelves.

From bathroom, to laundry room,
and every room in between,
is a wealth of practical solutions
(at pleasing prices)
for all your organizational needs.

Thank You Organize It!!!



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