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Benefits and safety precautions of using a log splitter safely

What is a log splitter? 

A log splitter is a type of equipment or machinery used to split or remove firewood from hardwood or softwood that has been pre-cut down. Most of the log splitters consist of an electrical rod and piston or a hydraulic assembly and generate different tons of force. The more is the force, the greater the length and thickness of rounds, which can be split. Usually, people consider three things before buying a log splitter, that is:

  • The tons of splitting pressure it produces
  • The electrical convenience
  • Whether it is gas-powered or not

It can be valuable equipment for those who regularly require firewood in their job and want things to get completed in less time and effort in comparison to using an axe.

However, log splitters are quite large and potentially dangerous because of the amount of pressure they generate. Therefore, no incompetent user should try operating this machine as lose logs and flying debris could cause serious injuries. But if the user follows and stands by the safety guidelines given below, they wouldn’t face any issues.

Benefits of using a log splitter

  • They save your back and shoulders from strain and pain
  • Are capable of creating wood pieces which are specific in size
  • Is great for cutting hardwood
  • Makes wood splitting process very quick
  • Saves a lot of time
  • Saves money on heating bills
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Log splitters are portable

How to use a log splitter safely?

1.    Wear the protective equipment:

Before using a log splitter, you need to make sure that you are wearing suitable clothing and have the proper protective gear or equipment. The greatest danger while operating a log splitter is flying wood splinters. So wearing safety goggles, boots with steel toecaps, fitted clothes, and gloves to prevent any accident or injury.

2.    One person should operate the machinery:

For using a log splitter safely, one of the most basic rules is that the person holding the log should be the person operating controls of a splitter. As most of the severe injuries occur because the person isn’t ready. Such incidents often lead to crushing or loss of body parts.

3.    Always read the manual:

You should never try operating a log splitter without reading the product manual. This manual usually contains an exact procedure with highlighted safety measures to prevent any sort of accidents or injuries.

4.    Keep your work area clear of debris:

One of the essential tips that are usually sidelined for using a log splitter safely is keeping the work area clean before beginning the work and maintaining it while progressing with it. If you follow this tip, it will avoid tripping over any of the logs lying around, causing a severe accident with the log splitter.

5.    Keep children away:

Before you begin operating a log splitter, make sure that there are no children in your way. Also, keep in mind to keep them away while using, as it could be quite dangerous if they come close. Moreover, they shouldn’t even try operating the machine.

6.    Secure the wheels with blocks:

As you set up the wood splitter to start working, remember to block the wheels with wooden blocks. The reason is that the commercial log splitters generate a tremendous amount of force, so, during recoiling, the machine could come rolling towards you, which could lead to a life-threatening situation.



Benefits and safety precautions of using a log splitter safely

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