Best Port Douglas Guide for Couples

Port Douglas is a prime spot for couples looking to spend time away from their regular lives. Many go to the popular getaway spot for their honeymoons, while others visit to celebrate anniversaries. Whatever purpose, Port Douglas has everything you need.

Check out this Port Douglas guide for couples, for accommodation, meals, and attractions.


Check out one of these top couple accommodations for your stay in Port Douglas.

Daintree Eco Lodge

If you want to explore the Daintree Rainforest, the Daintree Eco Lodge is a fantastic place to stay. The lodge is environment-friendly and allows you to spend time only with your lover and nature. You can eat at the Julaymba Restaurant before or after exploring the attractions in the area.

Niramaya Villas & Spa

The Niramaya Villas and Spa is the ultimate couples’ accommodation in Port Douglas. It has all you need to rest and rejuvenate from the bustle of your everyday life. This luxurious accommodation features luscious foliage and a day spa for guests.

Pullman Port Douglas Sea Temple

To explore the Great Barrier Reef, you should consider taking up accommodation at Pullman. This 5-star resort has all the amenities for a romantic getaway. If you have enough money to splurge, you can stay in the Penthouse or book an apartment that gives you easy access to the lagoon pool.

Meals (Food and Drinks)

There are many different places to enjoy delicious food and drinks in Port Douglas. Check these top places for your meals while in Port Douglas.

Brett’s Outback Tasting Adventures

Brett’s is the place to go for the utmost meal experience in Port Douglas. This place is designed as a food boutique experience where you can taste various food and wine of different types. These already-tasty meals will taste more delicious when you enjoy them with someone you love.


Osprey’s is where people go to taste local food in Port Douglas. The menu changes per season, but you can be sure they are all delicious. You can hop into Osprey’s any day to have your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


A couple’s getaway in Port Douglas is an encompassing experience. You and your lover may already be enthralled by the accommodations and restaurants offer. But you must remember that you are in an area with two World Heritage Sites. Therefore, it is time to consider some top attractions in Port Douglas.

Explore the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest reef system and a must-visit for everyone in Port Douglas. There is so much to do in this area, from scuba diving and snorkelling to going underwater to see the fishes in their natural habitat from a semi-submersible submarine. You can visit one or more of the most popular reef systems through a tour company from Port Douglas.

Adventure in the Daintree Rainforest

The Daintree Rainforest is the second World Heritage Site in Port Douglas. The World’s oldest rainforest houses many plants and animals that have gone extinct in other parts of the world. There is much to do in the Daintree Rainforest besides seeing rare plants and animals. You can go jungle surfing, quad biking, or bathe in the clear creeks and waterfalls.

Wrapping Up

Port Douglas is a great holiday spot for almost anybody. However, some parts of the area have been tailored specifically for couples. The resorts and lodges are equipped with features allowing two people in love to revel in their affection and create fond memories or if you’re a couple who’s looking for a different kind of romantic holiday experience, there are lot’s of caravan parks available, you can easily setup a camp and bring in necessary

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