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Binxy Baby® for Safe and Comfy Hand Free Shopping

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Grocery shopping with your baby doesn’t have to be hectic or unsafe anymore with the safety tested Binxy Baby® Shopping Cart Hammock™!Binxy Baby for Safe and Comfy Hand Free Shopping

As a busy mom of four, Lisa Pinnell was doing her big “stock-up” shopping with a toddler and newborn a few years ago, and realized she had a problem. She needed to fill her cart with a week’s worth of groceries, but could not, for the life of her, figure out a safe way to contain two kids while doing so. She tried everything: A sling, a stroller, even two carts. She tried putting the entire infant car seat down in the grocery cart but had to cut her trip short when she couldn’t find the baby under the piles of bread and coffee. Nothing worked!

She started researching and learned something startling: Falls from shopping carts are among the leading causes of head injuries to young children. About 24,000 kids a year are treated in hospital emergency rooms because of shopping cart-related injuries. She also learned that placing an infant car seat on top of a shopping cart is a big no-no. Those infant seats are big and heavy and besides making the cart top heavy, they tend to fall face first when bumped.

Lisa was determined to figure out a solution to her problem. After many late nights, some very ugly prototypes, every safety test you can imagine, and a little help from her mom, the Binxy Baby® Shopping Cart Hammock™ was born.

Binxy Baby for Safe and Comfy Hand Free Shopping

Be ready to be stopped time and time again…other shoppers will say “Where did you get that?  I’ve got to get one!”.  It is so innovative and not just one of those nice to have baby products…it’s a GAME CHANGER! Libby, the founder of Beautiful Touches, has used them with several of her grandchildren, and says that they are one of the best inventions by far.  She is the mother of 10, and the grandmother of 26, so if she give her seal of approval, it’s got to be GREAT!

Binxy Baby for Safe and Comfy Hand Free Shopping
Just look at all the gorgeous patterns to choose from.

Binxy Baby for Safe and Comfy Hand Free Shopping


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