The Grass Is Always Greener: Garden Care For Lazy People

People often talk about those who are good at working in the garden being green fingered. Of course, this isn’t a literal statement, instead suggesting that their aptitude in the natural world is almost uncanny. There isn’t a phrase to describe those who are bad in an area like this, though. Most people fall into this category, so it would make sense to spend more time thinking about it, but it will often go the other way. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring ways to maintain your outdoor space when you really can’t be bothered. It’s never easy to throw yourself into something when you’re not very good at it.

Using the Right Plants

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Some plants are far easier to grow and maintain than others are. In fact, some of the options you’ll find in your garden might require special treatment each day, while others will be able to thrive with little care whatsoever. Choosing options which fall into the latter category is very important when you’re taking this approach to an outdoor space. If you want to find plants like this, using the web to search for different breeds can be a good idea. Below, though, you can find some simple rules which will make it easier to keep your mind set on the right options.


  • Potted Plants: There are loads of plants out there which can spend their entire life in a pot. A vessel like this does more than simply protect them from the outside world, though, and has loads of other benefits. Not only will they stop the plant from growing out of control, saving time on pruning, but they will also stop them from spreading around your outdoor space.


  • Bulbs: Most of the flowers you’ll find for your garden will only last about a year. Once winter comes, they will die out, and won’t come back the next year. Options which come as bulbs, like daffodils, don’t suffer with this issue. Instead, they will always grow back, and you can even collect the bulbs back up when you want to move them. Having a garden which grows itself each spring can save loads of time.


Get The Right Support

Of course, there will always be spots in your garden which are too hard for you to keep running smoothly. Grass, for example, will grow constantly, with cuts being required on a weekly basis during the summer months. Thankfully, overcoming this can be nice and easy, especially when you have the right support behind you. Below, you can find some examples of the professionals available to help you when it comes to managing your garden.


  • Lawn Experts: Keeping a square of grass in good condition may not seem like a complicated task, though a lot of people struggle in this area. Companies like Lawn Care Newnan have a wealth of experience in this field. Not only can they keep your grass nice and tidy, but they will also be able to offer advice to help with its health. A lot of people ignore areas like this when they are working on their garden.


  • Landscape Contractors: After a couple of years of neglect, most gardens will be in a very rough state. Bringing up to the right standards could take a lot of effort. If you don’t have time for this or can’t be bothered with it, having a landscape contractor come to take a look could be a great idea. By letting them know what you’d like changed, you can give them the power to come back with the most affordable quotes.


  • Designers: A lot of people have similar hopes in mind when spring rolls around, with grand ideas of building their garden into something beautiful. When it comes to choose the flowers, landscaping, and furniture for a space like this, though, most people have no idea where to start. There are loads of garden designers out there, with this field becoming almost as large as interior design over the last few years.



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Over the last few years, computers have finally become small and powerful enough for automation to become a reality. When it comes to an outdoor space, there are loads of tools which can help you with this, ensuring that your garden is always keep under the right conditions to thrive. There are loads of options available for this sort of effort. Of course, though, the investment will almost always be substantial when you want to be an early adopter.


  • Irrigation: During the hotter months of the year, one of the biggest issues your plants will face will be dehydration. Like animals, these living things require loads of water, and this makes having an automated irrigation system a very good idea. Using either a timer or moisture sensors, this sort of tool can keep the whole space watered without any human intervention. This is a great way to keep plants looking healthy.


  • Pest Protection: All plants are at risk of pests when they are spending loads of time outside. Coming in the form of insects, birds, and even mammals, you will need a range of different tools to protect you from them. Thankfully, there are loads of options out there, and you need only do some research to find ones which will work against the pests you have. Of course, though, you may also have to be proactive in this area.


Weed Collection: Finally, as the last of these options, it’s time to think about something for the future. While they may not be here yet, loads of companies are working on robots which can weed a garden for you, and you can expect products like this to be hitting the market over the next few years. Just imagine not having to do anything to your garden, letting a robot handle it all for you.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take the lazy approach to your garden. A lot of people struggle in this area, finding it hard to know what can be done to keep their garden in good condition when they simply don’t have time for it.

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