Beauty Disasters Solved

With so many natural disasters happening around the world it can seem a bit trivial to even call a broken nail a disaster. But everything is relative and for the person on the end of that broken nail, it could be something that knocks their confidence when they go for a job interview or makes them more nervous on a first date. The difference is that a beauty disaster usually has a solution, and unfortunately that is not always the case with the natural disasters.

A Zit That Comes Up Suddenly

You could already be on your way to a job interview or a date when a zit suddenly appears. The first thing you must realize is that panic will make it worse, so keep calm and get some color correcting concealer on it and soon as you can. That will cover it for a few hours and then you can deal with it properly when you get home.

Tattoos You Wish You Never Had

Have you got some tattoos that you had done when you were younger and now you regret them? The answer could be as simple as tattoo removal, which has [progressed a great deal over the last few years. As long as you use experts and do not try to do it yourself, the results can be amazing and no one will ever know what used to be there.

Self Tan Going Blotchy

How many times have you seen a fake tan that is not even? It is very common and for some people, it is a total disaster. The best way to deal with it is to try and reduce its effects. Start off by having a long soak in a warm bath and then rubbing lemon on the affected areas. If the unevenness is on your face and you do not have the time to do this before you go out, use a bronze foundation cream to level the color out.

Beauty Disasters Solved
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Hair Color Going Wrong

In trying to save some money, have you ever bought a hair color from the local store and tried to apply it yourself? You should never try to go more than a couple of shades lighter or darker when you are doing your hair color yourself, and you should be very careful to read the instructions, It helps is there is a friend that can apply it for you as it will probably be more even then.

If it does go wrong wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo, as soon as you can. This will help to fade the color, but if you are still not happy with it you will have to visit the professionals to get expert treatment.

Just Put It Right

The worst thing you can do in the face of a beauty disaster is to panic and make the wrong choice about what to do. Staying calm is the way forward and dealing with the problem in any way that helps. If you chip your nail varnish for instance, add a spot of the color and another coat once it is dry. It is that simple, and so are many of the other solutions for beauty disasters.

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Beauty Disasters Solved

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