Why Custom Photo Blankets Are the Gifts That Keep on Giving

Universally, giving a gift is a gesture of love, interest, gratitude and even appreciation for a loved one. Not only do gifts strengthen existing bonds, but they also have a way of warming our hearts and putting a genuine smile on our faces. Whether it is a birthday gift, a wedding anniversary gift, a baby shower gift or a gift for the holiday season, arriving at a decision when it comes to your choice of gift is not so easy. The very first thing you want is for the person you are getting it to be completely impressed and blown away by your choice. You want to melt their heart and evoke just the right emotion. There is usually a huge sense of fulfillment when you see the expression on the face of the person you have given a gift to.

Many are the times when we scurry around looking for the right gift for that special person, especially if you realize that time is not on your side. The internet is full of information in regards to gift ideas. However, many of these are not unique; they have been gifted over and over again. It is important that you choose a site that has got you covered with brilliant and unique gift ideas. This will make it less stressful for you and it will also boost your confidence in knowing that your present is ideal. More often than not, a custom made gift will always make the cut if you are looking to impress. It shows that you have gone an extra mile or rather put some thought to the gift. Now that we are talking about custom made gifts, a custom photo blanket is definitely a gift idea that is absolutely awesome. I mean, who wouldn’t appreciate a nice, warm and soft blanket to snuggle on and especially if it is made with specific details that bring tender memories along?

A custom photo blanket is just but an example of a brilliant idea for a present. Let us look at some more gift ideas that will leave your loved ones feeling excited every time they see that one special thing that you got them.

  • Personalized Photo Quilts
  • Custom Photo Blankets
  • Personalized Throws
  • Personalized Camping Blankets
  • Personalized Baby Comfort Blanket
  • Personalized Waterproof Picnic Blanket
  • Custom Made Pet Blanket
  • Personalized Memory Blanket
  • Custom Baby Photo blanket
  • Custom Made Heart College Blanket
  • Personalized Bed Spread
  • Personalized Pram Blanket
  • Custom Baby Name Blanket
  • Personalized Snuggle Blanket
  • Personalized Faux Fur Blanket

Having stated the above, let us delve into the finer details and show you why each and every one of them is definitely a fantastic choice for a present.

Personalized Photo Quilts

A personalized photo quilt is not only an extra layer of warmth, but it is also a spectacular and decorative piece for the bedroom. At Bags of Love, for instance, their Quilts are made from thick and sumptuous padding that is covered in top-notch Duchess Satin. Better still, the quilt is presented in a lovely satin storage bag. This piece is indeed an elegant and classy gift and you can place an order here.

Custom Photo Blankets

What is more perfect for nuzzling up on the couch as you watch your favourite show than a warm and soft blanket? At Custom Envy, you can get a hold of this custom photo blanket. You run the show when it comes to customizing the blanket since you can add photos or even texts to it using the Design Your Blanket tool. This is for sure a unique and one of a kind gift idea and you can order one on this website.

Personalized Throws

This piece looks elegant whether you choose to use it as a decoration, or you drape it across the sofa or your bed. A personalized throw comes with custom printed photos of your choice. It has a soft fluffy fleece frame at the gap where the printing ends to enhance durability. It can be used as an extra layer of warmth and it too is perfect for snuggling up on the couch. Gift a special person in your life with this piece here.

Personalized Camping Blankets

When you are out camping, nothing would feel better than keeping warm under the stars with your very own custom photo camping blanket; one that features photos that capture memories so tender and only known to you. This is my kind of impeccable gift!

Personalized Baby Comfort Blanket

This is a special souvenir and useful accessory for both the mother and baby. It is made from super soft fleece, keeping your little bundle of joy warm and feeling safe. You can even add your baby’s name, the date that they were born or any other sweet message. It would be such a sweet gift.

Personalized Waterproof Picnic Blanket

If you choose to picnic, why not do it in style by getting yourself a waterproof custom made picnic blanket? I know I would. This piece sees to it that your picnic is literally more spiced up. The best part is that it can be ready in a maximum of 2 days and you pay upon delivery. This convenience makes it an ideal gift especially when your time is running out. The waterproof base layer makes it more durable and that right there is value for your money. Visit the following link to see more designs of the picnic blankets.

Custom Made Pet Blanket

We all agree that pets are part of the family, especially for pet lovers. You can gift your fur baby with a personalized pet blanket with adorable pictures. You can use it on the sofa, car seat or even as an extra layer of warmth for the pet.

Personalized Memory Blanket

A personalized memory blanket is such a powerful and heartwarming gift for anyone living with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or any other life draining disease. Those nostalgic photos can be a source of comfort for the patient or even help with memory recall. This double thick blanket made of polar fleece brings warmth in more ways than anybody can.

Custom Baby Photo blanket

This beautifully printed and personalized baby blanket is an impeccable gift for newborns, 1st birthdays and christenings. The polar fabric makes it so soft and the fact that the blanket is double thick is a guarantee that your baby will be warm and have a nice snug. You can print special photos, a sweet message or play about designs to create a truly bespoke blanket which will be a nice memento several years down the lane.

Custom Made Heart College Blanket

Now days we tend to take so many photos. It even gets to a point where you wonder what to do with all these photos. If you have several pics that are filled with amazing campus memories, worry no more. You can get to cherish them all and in a hustle free manner at such by getting yourself a montage blanket. You can have a lot of fun as you design your very own fleece blanket using a very user-friendly design interface. This very soft blanket makes it feel as if all your memories are right there with you.

Personalized Bed Spread

You can adorn your bed with a beautiful custom-made bedspread printed out with the photos you love the most. It is made from an anti-pill polar fleece which is double thick. This is an extremely soft kind of furnishing that will provide you with that extra warmth you need. It also doubles up as a decorative feature for your bedroom. It comes with the option of printing on both sides and you can easily switch sides to give your bedroom a different and unique appearance every other time.

Personalized Pram Blanket

The next time you take your baby for a stroll, bring along this personalized Pram Blanket. It will most certainly keep your baby warm and nice. You can print it with photos of you and your baby to add that touch of love. It is a superb push-chair accessory that will leave people smiling.

Custom Baby Name Blanket

This personalized baby name blanket is a perfect gift for a newborn baby. You can add in your baby’s name or interesting text.

Personalized Snuggle Blanket

Snuggle up on your couch in style with this personalized blanket. It is amazingly soft and warm and when wrapped around you, it definitely feels like a giant hug. It is a wonderful gift idea given that you can print special memories on either one or both sides.

Personalized Faux Fur Blanket

This dreamy blanket is the most ideal way to bring in a touch of luxury and unique décor to any room of your choice. You can print awesome artwork or even cool photos on the front.

You can never go wrong with a custom made gift. The above are just but a few examples of personalized blanket presents you might consider giving to your loved ones.



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