Bling'n My Boot, and My Candy Cane Toe

This is what I will be wearing 24/7 for the next 6-8 weeks. Yep – I’m so special – I get to sleep in it!

 It’s ugly, ugly, ugly.  I’m thinking that it needs some bling.

Any suggestions?

I”m having surgery tomorrow morning.  Remember my “candy cane toe”?  The one that I broke 2 years ago, when I broke my foot?  Well, I managed to smash the snot out of it again – walked right smack into the same door jam.  This time I totally shattered the joint. Since I’ve been in constant pain since the original break, it’s time to attempt to get it fixed.

I’ll be getting a screw put in – to fuse the joint. A wire will be threaded down through the bone. Tendons will be cut on one side, and stitched on the other…and as much clean up as possible will be done.  When the doctor feels like it’s healed properly (in 6 weeks or so), he’ll pull out the wire, and hopefully the toe will stay straight.  If not, we will decide if I’m going to go on to the next phase – removing the bone.

Wish my luck!

Bling’n My Boot, and My Candy Cane Toe
Bling'n My Boot, and My Candy Cane Toe

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