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Chocolat Frey is Now in the USA + Giveaway

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The Swiss are known for their excellence in the art of making fine chocolates. Chocolat Frey has been creating luscious confections since 1887, and now they are coming to the United States.

About Chocolat Frey

Chocolat Frey is the number 1 chocolate brand in Switzerland.  Founded by brothers, Robert and Max Frey in 1887, for more than 125 years, Chocolat Frey has consistently produced quality chocolate. Being a company that values sustainability, Chocolat Frey® is UTZ certified. They practice environmentally positive methods that support sustainable farming. This, in turn, helps the farmers and their families by providing better opportunities.  Chocolat Frey has honed their processes, so that their customers are assured that their purchases will be the best of the best.

This Spring/Easter Season, give the gift of great chocolates to those you love. Start out with some adorable bunnies.  Meet Sunny, Funny and Luck!

Chocolat Frey Bunnies
Meet Lucky, Sunny and Funny, the Chocolat Frey Bunnies.

Chocolat Frey chocolates are absolutely delicious.  My family scarfed it up almost as fast as I unpacked my box of goodness. It’s smooth, creamy and filled with flavor.  I find that I can eat smaller portions and be more satisfied, than I am with larger portions of the typical “over the counter” chocolates, that are on the shelves at this time of year.

Chocolate Frey Bunnies and Miniatures

Chcolat Frey Chocobloc Bars

Chocolat Frey chocolates will be available in a number of varieties from minis to a large boxed assortment.

Chocolat Frey-Everyday-SelectionChcolat Frey Candy in an Easter Basket

Look for these great new products coming to a store near you.

Dark Crunchy Nuts 6.3oz Bar
Blond Crunchy Almonds 6.3oz Bar
Milk Crunchy Nuts 6.3oz Bar (My favorite)
Chocobloc Milk 3.5oz Bar
Chocobloc Dark 72% 3.5oz Bar (My husband’s favorite)
Chocobloc Orange 3.5oz Bar (My favorite – ok, I have more than one!)
Chocobloc White 3.5oz Bar (My daughter, Sarah’s first choice)
Mini Chocobloc Dark Minis 5.3oz Stand Up Bag
Mini Chocobloc Milk Minis 5.3oz Stand Up Bag
Mini Chocobloc Assorted Minis 5.3oz Stand Up Bag
Assorted Pralines Box

Chocolat Frey Funny, Sunny and Lucky
Chocolat Bunnies – These cheerful shiny bunnies will be a hit with EVERYONE!

Doesn’t this plate full of goodness just make your mouth water!

Chocolate Frey Assorted Pralines Box
Assorted Pralines Box
Chocolat Frey Bunnies
Chocolat Frey Bunnies

 Chocolat Frey Bunny Trail 3

Chocolate Frey Bunny Trail 2

Connect with Chocolat Frey North America on Facebook, and then head out and get some Chocolat Frey chocolate.  You’re in for a TREAT! But before you leave, enter for the chance to WIN a Prize Pack Combo: Everyday & Bunny Pack ($50)!

  • (1) Chocolat Frey Chocobloc Bar 100g/3.5oz- Milk- SRP $1.99
  • (1) Chocolat Frey Chocobloc Bar 100g/3.5oz- Dark 72%- SRP $1.99
  • (1) Chocolat Frey Chocobloc Bar 100g/3.5oz- White- SRP $1.99
  • (1) Chocolat Frey Chocobloc Bar 100g/3.5oz- Orange- SRP $1.99
  • (1) Chocolat Frey Crunchy Nut Bar 6.3/180g- Dark- SRP $4.99
  • (1) Chocolat Frey Crunchy Nut Bar 6.3/180g- Milk- SRP $4.99
  • (1) Chocolat Frey Crunchy Nut Bar 6.3/180g- Blond- SRP $4.99
  • (1) Medium 6oz Pink- “Sunny” Bunny- SRP $7.99
  • (1) Medium 6oz Blue- “Funny” Bunny- SRP $7.99
  • (1) Medium 6oz Green- “Lucky” Bunny- SRP $7.99
  • (3) Small 1.9oz Pink- “Sunny” Bunny- SRP $3.59
  • (3) Small 1.9oz Blue- “Funny” Bunny- SRP $3.59
  • (3) Small 1.9oz Green- “Lucky” Bunny- SRP $3.59

(Substitutions are possible.)

After entering here, check out the other 24 blogs that are also offering this fantastic prize package. That is a LOT of chances to WIN!
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Chocolat Frey is Now in the USA + Giveaway

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199 thoughts on “Chocolat Frey is Now in the USA + Giveaway

  1. I would most like to get the Dark Crunchy Nuts Bar because I really like dark chocolate the most and I like nuts as well. It looks really good and caught my attention right away.

  2. I love the Chocobloc milk minis because I can take them to work and give out to my coworkers and they are small enough to carry in my purse!

  3. I am most interested in trying the white chocolate variety. White chocolate has a very distinct flavor. that I may actually like more than regular chocolate.

  4. I would choose the white chocobloc white. White chocolate and raspberries are my favorite combination and I have a feeling that I would really like this chocolate.

  5. Even though all of the candy looks delicious, I have a special love for dark chocolate. Thankfully, there is a lot of that to choose from!

  6. I’ve always preferred milk chocolate and milk chocolate with nuts is my favorite, so the Milk Crunch Nuts bar would be my favorite, but I wouldn’t turn any of them down.

  7. I would select the Mini Chocobloc Assorted 5.3oz Stand Up Bag. That way I could get a taste of many of the Frey products.

  8. I would like to get the Mini Chocobloc Assorted 5.3oz Stand Up Bag. I enjoy milk, dark, and white chocolate all the same.

    1. Oops I didn’t realize it was a different page! LOL I like the pink Sunny bunny because it is dd’s favorite color and she’d love to find it in her Easter basket!

  9. My happy they have come to America!
    We are chocolate lovers..but only premium chocolates from either Swiss or Belgium..nothing better.
    This is why I would give or love to receive.
    They all look great.
    I love nuts, so starting with the mixed nuts bar, then the white chocolate

  10. The Mini Chocobloc Assorted Bag would be good, because then I’d get to try multiple flavors, but the Milk Crunchy Nuts Bar looks so delicious! I don’t know!

  11. I would love to try the Chocobloc White Bar because boy does it sound good! I love white chocolate, I do love milk chocolate too though.

  12. I would love to give my hubby the Milk Crunchy Nuts 6.3oz Bar because he loves milk chocolate & nuts! Sounds delicious!

  13. I’d like to give the chocobloc orange to my boyfriend. He loves orange and chocolate flavors!

    (And I’d like to get pretty much any of it! Even the blond crunchy almonds sounds good and I’m not always a white chocolate girl!)

  14. I would love to try and give this Chocobloc Orange 3.5oz Bar for my family and friends because I think this flavor is great!
    Thank You for the chance

  15. I would like to try the Chocobloc milk or dark because I love Toblerone and it looks similar to Toblerone. I would like to give the Frey bunnies to my kids for Easter because they’re adorable.

  16. I’d love the Sunny bunny for my husband, Funny bunnys (larger one of course) for my sons, and the Lucky Bunny for myself. Thank you for the review and giveaway.

  17. I’d like he pralines for my husband, everything else for my sons, and orange for myself – I love that combonation. I’d also love the milk choc nuts.

  18. i am all about the dark chocolate! can almost feel it melting on my tongue right now!!! although their bunnies are so cute too!

  19. The chocoblock orange sounds interesting it is good for this kind of weather we all need our extra vitamin c so why not in chocolate form… and chocolate is good for the heart

  20. If I had to choose just one it would be the ‘chocobar dark’….there is nothing better than dark chocolate to satisfy a sweet tooth!

  21. I would like to have the Chocobloc Dark 72% 3.5oz Bar for myself and the white chocolate for my son. That is the only chocolate he eats.

  22. I would love the Blond Crunch Almond bar! Love white chocolate and almonds, and have never had them together – sounds wonderful!

  23. Oh my that sounds so delicious! I would love to give my husband the Chocobloc Dark 72% Minis. He loves dark chocolate, it’s healthy and the perfect size to keep it that way and be perfectly shareable. 🙂

  24. I want to try the Chocobloc Dark Chocolate Minis. I love dark chocolate the most, and the minis are the perfect size to indulge a little with.

  25. The finest assorted pralines sounds really good. I would pick these because there is different stuff to try as well as a little bit of something for everyone.

  26. I’d love to try the Mini Chocobloc Milk 5.3oz Stand Up Bag, because Milk chocolate with almond honey nougat is my favorite!

  27. I’d like to try the Chocobloc Orange 3.5oz Bar. I love the combination of chocolate and orange, and believe these bars would be yummy. Thanks.

  28. I’d like to give my husband the crunchy blonde almond candy because he enjoys white chocolate. My grandkids would love Lucky the bunny.

  29. I would love to get the Chocolat Frey Bunnies for my Granddaughter’s quilted basket I made for part of her Easter gifts. She will love the bunnies, they are so pretty.

  30. I’d love to receive the Green Lucky bunny. Green is my favorite color and I can use him in my Easter display on our table until I couldn’t resist anymore.

  31. I would love to try the Milk Crunchy Nuts! I am a huge fan of milk chocolate and eat it every day! I am also crazy over hazelnuts, so this would be the perfect combo for me! Swiss chocolate of any kind is the ultimate treat to me!

  32. I would choose the Mini Chocobloc Assorted 5.3oz Stand Up Bag. I love all flavors of chocolate so this would let me have a bite of each kind 🙂

  33. I want to try Milk Crunchy Nuts 6.3oz Bar . It would be the best choice for me — whole hazelnuts paired to milk chocolate, what else to wish for

  34. I’d like the Chocobloc Mini Assortment just because that way I can give them all a try!

    coriwestphal at gmail dot com

  35. So many awesome options! Such cute bunnies! I would pick the pink bunny because it is my favorite color. I would love the Chocobloc White 3.5oz Bar. White chocolate is my very favorite!

  36. I would most like to give or receive their Chocobloc Orange Bar because it looks delicious and contains orange flavor.

  37. I would love to get the Mini Chocobloc Assorted 5.3oz Stand Up Bag so that way I could try all the flavors

  38. I would want to try the Mini Chocobloc Assorted 5.3oz Stand Up Bag because that way I would be able to sample all three of the chocolates!

  39. I would like to try the Chocobloc White because I love white chocolate and this looks fabulous!

  40. I would love to try the white Chocobloc because I really like white chocolate 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  41. I just discovered the dark chocolate bar with whole! (not ever in USA) hazelnuts (Dark Crunchy Nuts 6.3oz Bar) and my store told me it is being discontinued. Is there a way i can continue to buy this? Perhaps from Switzerland?

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