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Campbell's Heart Healthy

This post is sponsored by Campbell Soup Company

My husband and I have a LOT of reasons to stay healthy…10 grown children, their spouses and significant others, along with  20 growing grandchildren! Campbell’s Healthy Heart is one of the ways that we eat healthy.

Soup is a satisfying and often low in calories and in fat.  We don’t always have time to make soup from scratch, so having so many Campbell’s soups to choose from, is fantastic.  Whether eaten simply as “soup” or incorporating them in a recipe – I can always count on Campbell’s to taste great!

Directly from Campbell’s:

Health is foremost on people’s minds, keeping your family in tip top shape can be a challenge in these busy times. Campbell’s Soup wants you to “Address Your Heart” with Heart Healthy Tips, recipes and more!

Visit to get heart-healthy tips, including 21 Campbell’s recipes that are certified by the AHA and product coupons, as well as for the latest Campbell’s recipes and offers.

Here are my favorite recipes from the Campbell’s Kitchen:

And since I now reside in Louisiana, I have to include:

Eating healthy (which includes Campbell’s soups), seeing our doctors and dentist regularly (and following their instructions), tying to reduce stress in our lives and maintaining good attitudes, are part of our healthy heart regimes.
(Now if we could just get some regular exercise into our routines – we’d be doing GREAT!)
Remember to visit the Campbell Kitchen for great coupons and special offers.
This post is sponsored by Campbell Soup Company
I am a long time Campbell’s soup consumer and while this is a sponsored post, the opinions stated are 100% mine.

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