Caring for the Environment: This Is What You Can Do to Help

The Earth is in need of some serious TLC. We all know this.

What we don’t all know is how easy caring for the environment actually is.

Curious about what you can do to help? Keep reading!

Be Package Conscious

Farmers’ markets are a great avenue for package conscious shopping, but not everyone has access to one. If you don’t, buying foods at the store with little to no plastic wrapping achieves the same effect.

Produce is the easiest switch.

Buying produce wrapped in plastic is often more expensive, and the exact same thing. Unwrapped produce is cheaper, and you know exactly how it’s prepared and packaged—it’s a win-win.

Pasta can be tricky to find without plastic, but a box with a plastic window is better than a bag of the same product. Rice and grains often come in cardboard boxes. A simple shake of a box can tell you whether there’s plastic inside.

If your store has bulk bins, this is a great place to find cooking and baking essentials, nuts, beans, coffee and even candy. Extra points if they allow you to bring your own bag or container (Ask a manager). If not, just reuse the bag you take it home in.

Can’t find a bulk bin? No problem. Canned goods are a great alternative.

According to this study from Stanford, recycling an aluminum can save 95% of the energy it took to create it. Glass jars are also easy to save and beautiful to use once you get those labels off. (Soak them in warm, soapy water for a few hours.)

According to Yliana Dadashi – former Miss Texas and co-founder at Heart Water, “The little choices we make can have a phenomenal impact on our planet. For instance, there are 1 million plastic bottles sold every minute. So while going out of the house opt for the more the eco-friendly option of aluminum bottles which are infinitely recyclable, unlike their plastic counterparts.”

If you want to take it a step further, growing your own food is simple and rewarding to do at home.

Start A Backyard Farm

Starting a backyard farm can be labor-intensive. These shoes, however, will help the planet while also helping your feet.

Take a weekend to gather necessary supplies, then get to work on a small portion of your yard. It doesn’t require a lot of space, and there’s something so rewarding in eating food you’ve grown yourself.

Make sure you do plenty of research beforehand and don’t let the name fool you—no backyard is required.

Growing herbs in an apartment or small space is simple with adequate lighting and proper care.

Take Care During the Holidays

There are small steps everyone can take in their everyday lives to care for our environment—even during the holidays.

There are chemicals in fireworks that never fully decompose, and the plastic used to produce them takes centuries to biodegrade. Opting for fewer or no fireworks on the  Fourth of July and New Year’s is a great place to start.

Getting creative with gift wrap for Christmas, birthdays, and other gift-giving occasions can be cost-effective, fun, and is a great way to re-purpose brown bags or newspapers.

Add an elaborate gift tag and bow, and it can look just as pretty as wrapping paper.

Caring for the Environment Shouldn’t Be A Chore

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Making small efforts on a daily basis is just as good as these other suggestions.

Why? You’re trying.

Making an effort to recycle more in your every day (yes, that water bottle matters), save water when you’re showering, and remembering to turn off the light you leave the room are all great things to do when caring for the environment.

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