A Way of Life: 7 Things Harley Davidson Owners Love About Their Bike the Most

Harley Davidson is an iconic company in the United States. Their motorcycles are known for being big and loud. But as the company changes to meet the needs of younger riders, the American mainstay has begun manufacturing bikes that are smaller and more efficient than earlier models.

When you buy a Harley, it is easy to get wrapped up in the Harley Way of Life. The gear and accessories are just as cool as the bikes. You can get details from

Along with the cool gear, there are several reasons why Harley Davidson owners love their bikes.

!. The Iconic Sound

When you hear a Harley, you know its a Harley. Although some Harley Davidson owners customize their bikes to make them louder, the stock bikes sound great right off of the lot. That grumble defines the power and keeps the riders safe as nearby drivers just can’t miss it.

2.The ability to customize it

Harley Davidson makes great looking bikes with powerful engines and comfortable seats. But, they also offer riders the opportunity to make their bikes unique their own. Harley Davidson offers accessory parts and other manufacturers make parts that fit perfectly on Harleys of all ages and styles.

3. They are built to last

Because Harley Davidson motorcycles are crafted with so much care, they can last for years. Maintenance is easy to do and there are dealerships everywhere that can help you care for your beautiful ride. Older models need oil changes more frequently than the newer models, but every model is worth it. Because they are built so well, Harley’s can actually appreciate in value.

4. Dealerships care about you

Harley Davidson dealerships are all over the place and the employees really do care about their riders. When you show up to a dealership, they fawn over you and your bike. Employees will go out of their way to help Harley customers. Some have even headed out to pick up stranded riders who many have overestimated the size of their gas tanks.

5. The stability

Stability has several meanings when you own a Harley. They are smooth and stable on the road. And, the brand has been around since the early 1900s, so the business has proven to be stable, too. You never feel out of control when riding a Harley.

6. You can work on your own

Even though there are dealers all over the country, many owners like to work on their bikes themselves. There are plenty of videos available online to help you work on your own Harley. When you do your own work, you never have to pay for labor, so you can put more money into the parts.

&. The dynamics of the company

Harley Davidson is a company that is dedicated to making the best bike better. They recognize that the market for motorcycles continues to change, so they continue to be a dynamic company. The designers work hard to craft motorcycles that have the Harley look, but with the latest technology and style.


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