Husky Puppy Tips for Raising a Husky Puppy

5 Tips for Raising a Husky Puppy

Huskies are intelligent, independent, and stubborn classic northern dogs that enjoy human company, but require firm and gentle training from puppyhood. They love running and tend to be friendly with people. Huskies can become obese if overfed not given enough opportunity to exercise. If you leave them alone for too long, huskies start digging, chewing, and howling.

Here are tips for raising a husky puppy.

1.    Take care of the puppy’s food

Feeding a husky puppy can be complicated, but the process becomes less overwhelming with the right meal plans, charts, and meal sizes. Your puppy needs food appropriate for their age. Feed the dog food for huskies and any other branded food — the ideal food for husky puppies can be canned, semi-moist, or kibble.

Avoid feeding them raw meat, as it may have bacteria that may affect its developing immune system. A husky puppy should eat three times a day for one to six months. When the puppy is under three months, you can feed them four times and three times once they get to three months. Additionally, when the puppy reaches six months of age, consider feeding them twice a day. Don’t forget to give your husky puppy a bowl of clean drinking water.


2.    Ensure your puppy is fully vaccinated

Since puppies are still in the process of developing their immune system, you should organize immunizations and vaccinations to keep them from any health issues. The immunizations to consider for your puppy are grouped into three; one, essential for immunizing against distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus (DHPP). The other is optional, and it protects against leptospirosis, coronavirus, Lyme disease, and Bordetella. The last one is against rabies. Strictly follow the vaccination guide to ensure your puppy’s health and long life.

3.    Care for your puppy’s feet

Huskies are built to run, which is why you should constantly check their feet. Trim long hair on their feet and trim their nails as well. Since dogs have blood vessels in their nails, don’t trim them too short. Consider taking your puppy for professional grooming services to a vet or learn how to do it. If your puppy is uncomfortable with you grooming its nails, pamper them, play with and touch their paws to train them to be calmer.

4.    Get their eye examination done

Huskies are highly susceptible to eye problems. They can either be genetic or hereditary. The most common eye problems huskies can be diagnosed with include cataracts, a film over the eyes’ lens, and corneal dystrophy, which causes cloudiness over the cornea and is most prevalent in females. They can also experience progressive retinal atrophy, which causes the dog’s eyes to deteriorate until it goes blind slowly. Have your husky puppy checked by a professional and stick to regular checkups.

5.    Train your puppy

Since husky puppies are stubborn, it’s not easy to train them. However, they are fast learners, and following the right guide will ease your training job. Consider following basic steps when beginning your training journey. You can start by introducing a command to your puppy, then train the command in a controlled and relaxed environment. Reinforce and reward the puppy for improved behavior.


Raising a husky puppy can be challenging, but with the right knowledge and guide, it’s doable. Use these tips the next time you get a husky puppy.

5 Tips for Raising a Husky Puppy

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