Effect of Paternal Age and Quality of Sperms on IVF Results


Several things can determine the effect of maternal age and the impact of the quality of embryos in the results of IVF. However, it is equally important to know that protective factors also affect pregnancy equally.

If the age of the male partner is more than 35 years, then the quality and the speed of the sperms are adversely affected. For the fertilization of an egg, the speed of the sperms and the quality of the sperms both matters.

Irrespective of the IVF Treatments, one might fail to get the results of the treatment. So, the problem of pregnancy may occur regardless of the issue in the male or the female partner.

Impact on Results of IVF Due To Quality of Sperms and Age of The Male Partner:

When the quality of the sperms is low, then the chances of getting the results of the treatment is also low. It is tried and tested in the laboratory during an IVF with quality of sperm outcome of the IVF changes.

  • The results of IVF with the low-quality sperm is only 10 to 15%. The low-quality sperms are when the speed, as well as the fertilization of the sperm, is meager. It will reduce the possibility of conversion of IVF procedure into reality.
  • The second is the medium quality of sperm. If the quality of the sperm is acceptable, but the speed of the sperm is low. In such a condition, only 30 to 35% of the cases are a success.
  • The third condition that improves the results of IVF is to the maximum is when the quality and speed both are good. In such situations, there might be a problem in conceiving due to other factors. Here, if everything goes well, then after the In Vitro fertilization the chances of conceiving increases to 80%.

If sperms are not as per the requirement of fertilization, there are some defects in it; then the patient has to seek help from the donor. The sperms are retrieved from the donor and used for ovulation in the bowl. It is a condition when the eggs of the female partner are healthy, and there is no sterility condition. If there are issues in both the partners, then the patient has to seek the donor’s egg too.

In short, for the fertilization the quality of the egg, and the quality of the sperms both matter. The problem is that even one of the partners can prove to be an issue in the fertilization. So, you will have to undergo the diagnosis for both the partners, if you wish to avail the results.

Final Words:

The results of the IVF procedure cannot be gained by only one of the partners. You have to get the consultation, diagnosis, and treatment for both to avail the results. If the male partner is under a though process that the releasing of sperms is enough for the pregnancy, it is a myth. Moreover, the age can lead to several issues in the patient.






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