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As some of you may know, our youngest daughter has a number of health issues.  She has Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) and Pseudotumor Cerebri (Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension).  She has been suffering for years.  She was first diagnosed with Pseudotumor Cerebri, when she was only about 19 years old.  Her CLL diagnosis came about 6 years ago.  She has gone through so much over the last 10+ years.  From receiving massive doses of drugs like Diamox, to oral chemo cocktails, and chemotherapy infusions.  Her health has continued to decline over the years and besides difficulty keeping food down, exhaustion, and lack of sleep, constant excruciating headaches are one of the hardest things for her to deal with.

For any of you who suffer from migraines, you know how painful these headaches are.  She has to stay in a cold dark room, so much of the time, and can rarely keep down the pain medications that have been prescribed for her.  Icepacks offer some help, but they don’t last long, are messy, and not the most comfortable/easy to use options.

Enter  the Headache Hat

Headache Hat

“The Headache Hat™ was created by migraineur Sherri Pulie in 2013, with a mission to provide better cooling therapy options to help battle migraine and tension headaches.

Browse our products to find the features that best suite your needs, such as:

❄️ Long Lasting Cold

❄️ Versatility

❄️ Targeted Ice

❄️ Various cooling styles/types

“These have been a game changer for all of us, as our daughter gets a little relief for longer periods of time, I don’t have to be swapping out cold compresses every few minutes, and my husband doesn’t have a cranky wife because I have often had to stay up all night with our daughter. Of course, the only IMPORTANT thing is that she is able to cope better by reducing her pain.

The Headache Hat™ stays cold for so much longer than a regular icepack or wet cold clothes.  It doesn’t drip water as is doesn’t use regular ice.  They fit well, and can easily be taken with her when she goes to doctors appointments and lab visits. Bonus, they come with a freezer storage bag.  This keeps them clean, eliminates a lot of frost buildup, and makes them easy to travel with.

Headache Hat Gel Cube Hat
Headache Hat™ Gel Cube Hat

One style even comes in PINK.




Headache Hat Standard (Pink)

The Story Behind Headache Hat™ (Sherri Pulie)

Sherri Puli

“The design for the Headache Hat™ came to me during one horrible migraine attack in 2013  (I had been getting more attacks than usual, and also daily headaches with post partum hormones).  I was pressing ice cubes in a plastic lock bag onto my head (as I had done since childhood)… eventually feeling the dripping water in my hair from the melting, and getting annoyed with the plastic crinkling sound when I moved. There was also a gel pack on the pillow that was warm long before and didn’t help much. I guess I distracted myself from the pain with more than just the numbing ice, but also with thoughts of how an ice pack could work better for migraine attacks. How could I get it to stay in place and target all these pain points, getting the ice press on those spots where I wanted it, but not melt on me? By the time that migraine pain broke, I had so many ideas on this “hat”, and the name – Headache Hat – was born right then.  In my groggy state, and I told my husband right there, when I figure this all out its going to be amazing!  I went to work right away, using materials I had or that I could find (like my Pilates spandex and plastic coated ice cubes).  I sewed it by hand until I got it right. The first time I got to use it  I just knew it would help many others too (next challenge – figure out how to sell a product!).  Years later, a patent… awards… new styles and forms… and tens of thousands of people know and believe in the Headache Hat™ and our line of products.

Wishing everyone more good days, and strength to get through the bad ones!”

If you, or someone you know suffers from debilitating headaches, the Headache Hat™, could be of great benefit.  Head on over and check out all they have to offer. They have been a blessing to us, and could be to you too!

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