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ClearSpace: Multi-Purpose Protective Utility Mats from ExactMade ExactMats®

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches received products from ExactMade ExactMats®, to facilitate this posting as part of our 2020 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guides publications. No monetary compensation was exchanged.  All OPINONS stated are those of the author.

I’m all about organization and making my spaces neat, orderly, and if possible I like the products I use to be multi-purpose.

ClearSpace: Multi-Purpose Protective Utility Mats from ExactMade ExactMats® 

They’re perfect for my needs.  These mats aren’t your ordinary run of the mill mat.  OH NO – far from it.  They are truly crystal clear.  Thick enough to be a cushion under whatever you have on top of them, but not so thick as to take up too much space.  They easily  “uncurl” from shipping, and come in lots of different sizes. You can even order custom sizes. I was so impressed when mine arrived that I immediately got online and purchased additional mats!

I’ve wanted glass tops for our bedside tables for years, but the cost (and the time it takes to get them made) has prevented me from getting them.  When I saw just how perfectly clear the ClearSpace mats are, I thought they would do the trick. And, they have!

ClearSpace: Multi-Purpose Protective Utility Mats for home use from ExactMade ExactMats®
“Great For: Arts and Crafts Slime and Sand Desk Protection Utility Mats Mudroom Floors Placemats Pet Bowls/Litter Boxes…And Anywhere Else! ClearSpace Clear: Nearly Invisible Durable/Flexible Portable: Rolls Up Easy To Clean Dry-Erasable 100% Made In America FDA-Compliant”

ExactMade ExactMats offers mats for home & office use of all kinds.  

Place them inside drawers, use them on desk and table tops…I have two that I keep set aside for when my granddog comes to visit.  One get’s placed under her food and water dishes and the other goes under her crate – protecting my tile floors from scratches.

ClearSpace Mats for Pet use from ExactMade ExactMats

I have a mat on my makeup table, and clean up is so easy. I can jot notes on the mat on my desk with dry erase markers. Another large mat is kept to place on our dining room table for when one of our grandsons comes over. He likes to make models with his grandpa.  The ClearSpace Mat protects the table from paint, glue, scratches and any other damage that could be done by the paints, solvents, and craft knives that they use.

Info from ExactMade / ExactMats®

ExactMats was started in 1997, sells a product that’s 100% made in America, from raw material to final custom-cut production.

ExactMats provides clear protection for all vehicle makes and models, including Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, Infiniti, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Ford, GM, Chrysler, and others.

We also provide clear, FDA-compliant commercial, home, and office surface protection such as cabinets, drawers, desks, and other surfaces.

For more information, visit our company’s about page, and/or our product about pages:

– About ExactMats
– About ExactMats Auto
– About ExactMats Home & Office

And don’t stop at your home…protect your car’s floors too!

Auto Floor Mats from ExactMade ExactMats®

If crystal clear is not your preference, you can choose Riverstone instead.


  • Crystal: “Clear; resembles glass; FDA-compliant. Dry-erase functionality on both sides of the mat.”
  • Riverstone: “Clear; pebbled/crackled texture; FDA-compliant. Dry-erase functionality only on the smooth side of the mat).”

Oooooh – I just though of another great use. We have wire shelving in our pantry and closets.  That can cause a problem when you want to add certain items.  The ClearSpace Mats (either Crystal or Riverstone) would be perfect for placing across the shelves to make a totally flat surface.

Excuse my while I go get a measuring tape.  I need to place another order!

Head on over to ExactMade ExactMats® to see ALL that they have to offer.  Let us know what your favorites are!

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