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I hate earbuds…let me repeat that…I HATE EARBUDS.  I’m not a huge fan of headphones either.

I have really small ear canals and earbuds are downright painful to wear. (I’m not the only one – read about how CozyPhones came to be!) Headphones are also rather uncomfortable, because I always have earring in and having earphones on leaves my earlobes soar.  Ok, I know, I’m whining, but it’s true.  When I heard about CozyPhones, I thought that they were just for kids, but I was OOOOOOH SO WRONG!

Comfort and Quality Equals CozyPhonesAbout CozyPhones: The Headband Headphones

Sleeping headphones that come in a soft fleece band with thin speakers embedded in the band that rest on the outside of your ears. Great for children and adults. Also an option for outdoor exercise.

Now, the kids CozyPhones are adorable with a capitol A, but I’m loving the adult models. Now, I’m about as active as a sloth, but hey, I’ve still usually got headphones on, so the Active Headband Headphones are awesome. They are made of Lycra Mesh, which is great in this wicked hot southern heat. Pair them with the Wireless Bluetooth Adapter and you’ve got a sweet deal my friends.

Now let’s do talk kiddos.

Comfort and Quality Equals CozyPhones

Are these fun or what!!!! There are 11 different characters to choose from.

  • Unicorn
  • Panda
  • Froggy
  • Purple Frog
  • Fox
  • WhatIf Monster
  • Cat
  • Pink Bunny
  • Paw Patrol – Chase
  • Paw Patrol – Marshall
  • Paw Patrol – Skye

Comfort and Quality Equals CozyPhones

I know that I have a grand daughter that is going to flip over the Unicorn CozyPhones that she’s going to be using this summer!

Now, I’m not one to listen to music or podcasts when I go to bed, but if you are like my husband, you are going to flip for these babies – The Contour Series Sleep Headphones.  They have a cool mesh lining and an ergonomic design for complete comfort.  And folks – CozyPhones offerss a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Comfort and Quality Equals CozyPhones

Head on over to CozyPhones and see all that they have to offer for adults, kids, activity, sleep, home and  travel!

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Comfort and Quality Equals CozyPhones

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