Common Skin Problems That Every Woman Must Know and How to Solve Them

You may have experienced some skin problems in the past. It may be an annoying pimple on your forehead, a prominent zit on your nose or some laugh lines beside your mouth. These things can cause you to feel bad about your looks. But instead of sulking, why not try to do something about it. Most skin problems are easy to diagnose and treat. A good dermatologist in Malaysia can help you solve your skin issues.

So here are some of the most common skin problems that women face and what to do about it.

Most Important

Early superficial cancer changes and some benign lesions can be treated with non-invasive treatment.  You can go to cryotherapy auckland for more information.


As you age, your skin loses its suppleness and elasticity, making it look dry and lifeless. You can often see lines on your forehead and crows’ feet at the sides of your eyes. You can use products like Skinceuticals C E Ferulic that promotes skin hydration, helping you achieve better and younger-looking skin. You can also opt for a lasting solution which is Botox injections; however, it can cause minor pain and discomfort when it is being administered.


It is usual for teenagers to have acne due to hormonal imbalance. But if you are on your 20’s this skin problem can cause embarrassment, especially towards the opposite sex. To get rid of acne, you must first find out what’s causing it. People with oily skin are prone to acne breakouts because their skin pores are clogged with dirt causing bacteria build up. Get rid of acne by washing your face with a facial soap that contains salicylic acid to open up your pores.

After that, apply toner or cream that has benzoyl peroxide as one of its primary ingredients. This product would help kill all the bacteria that causes your acne. For severe acne, you can consider taking medications to help normalize your hormones, using something like Celluma LED light therapy devices. You can find information about them at MDL Scientific. If you are looking for best doctor for skin problems, you are highly recommended to visit dr adam sheridan Keep in mind to see a dermatologist before using any of the products mentioned above to prevent your skin from getting worst.

Age spots

You may not have any pimples or acne, but the brown spots can be quite annoying. The other term for this is liver spots caused by too much sun exposure. Cells in your body, known as Melanocytes, is responsible for producing skin pigment. It can incur damage over time, resulting in uneven skin color. To bring back your skin into its standard color, you may need to use whitening skin products such as Hydroquinone and undergo several sessions peeling treatments using chemicals such as Tretinoin. These treatments are effective, but it takes time before you see its results.

Dark scars

Scarring can be caused by minor accidents that scrapes off the top layer of your skin. Some scars lighten quickly, and some leave deep and ugly marks on your skin. Old scars are harder to treat as compared to the latest ones. You can purchase an over the counter cream in your local drugstore. For stubborn marks, you can opt for Fraxel laser surgery or multiple collagen injections to flatten the surface and improve its appearance.

Having clean and healthy skin is very important. That is why you should take good care of your body.




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