Contemporary Design: Is It For You?

In the last 2 Years, modern interior design has really come into its own. E Rey man and his dog is starting to add Modern touches to their home, and the light and airy feel to our homes is reminiscent of the Scandinavian style we see. The idea of a minimal, spacious and open living space is one which many of us love, but is it for you?

Contemporary Design: Is It For You?

Below are some of the steps you can take to add a contemporary touch to your home.


The colour you decide to paint your walls is one of the most influential factors when choosing the style of your living space. There are two main options you can choose from when deciding on the colour of your walls in the house: bold or light. Light colors will make your space feel very elegant and spacious, whereas a bold colour such as black or red can make your home feel much more brand and expensive. It is of course up to the size of your rooms too because you don’t want to be painting a small home in black as it will look much smaller than it is.


Contemporary Design: Is It For You?


One of the main types of accessory you will always see in a contemporary home are pillows. Pillows and cushions are an accessory which serves two different purposes. They are comfortable for you to sit or lie against and provide a cosy atmosphere for anyone in the home: and they are also great for adding a splash of colour to the home. You can make a dull room feel much more put together and elegant by simply adding a couple of patterned cushions and pillows. It adds depth and can make your home feel more luxurious.

Unique touches

When it comes to choosing the furniture you will have in your home, you want to keep the quantity of items to a minimum and make sure that each piece you add to your design has its own unique feel and story. The best way you can buy your furniture is either online at places like
or out in the real world at local retailers and independent stores. The whole idea of a contemporary home is to have personality and character. The idea dips that you absolutely love every piece of furniture you own. There’s no point in filling your home with mediocre furniture because you just don’t know what you want. Take the time to find things which you feel will be perfect for your home and style


The art of Hygge in Denmark is the idea that your home and life should be cosy and homely. One of the biggest things they talk about is lighting. From soft white candles to simple light fixtures, the Danes like to stay simple and focus on comfort when choosing the lighting for their homes: and so should you. Choosing a sleek, unique piece will instantly add class to your home and set it apart from all of the others. You can learn more about hygge here:

Avoid Carpet

Contemporary Design: Is It For You?

Carpets may be comfortable and warm, especially during the winter months; but they can also make the rooms of your home look a little crowded and small. Ideally you want to look for a white washed wood floor which will give your home that modern, elegant feel and will also be much easier to clean.


To really add that element of contemporary style and personality to your home, you will want to add some finishing touches to your home to make it your own. You can start with some simple artwork on any large blank spaces you have on the wall. A great idea would be to have a photograph of a natural scene or one with reflections of water to make the home feel relaxing and calm. When it comes to choosing the colors of your accessories- a popular choice in modern homes is gold and rose gold because they add that feeling of wealth which is what contemporary homes are known for. Looking at a modern gold lamp or some ornaments are a great way to bring that element of class into your living space. A stunning idea for your tables and chairs are to have ones with gold legs. They look elegant and really give that feeling of a city apartment. The most essential accessory you will want in your home is a large mirror. Mirrors make any room look bigger, and if you get a mirror which is frameless it will look even more classy on the wall.

Contemporary Design: Is It For You?

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