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Give Your Guests a Home From Home

At this time of year, a lot of us have an influx of guests, some of whom might stay over for a night or two. When you’re having house guests, it’s important that you go to the effort of preparing your home for them, so that they can feel as comfortable and welcome as it is possible to feel.

The best way to ensure that your house guests enjoy their stay is undoubtedly by making sure that your guest room is like a little home away from home. Instead of thinking about it as a spare or guest room, think of it as a hotel room and start adding all of the little touches you’d expect to find in a decent hotel. If you do this and a few other little things for your guests, they’ll never want to leave!

A Comfy Bed

You don’t have to spring (get it) for a really expensive bed, but if the mattress in your room has seen better days and it’s sagging, or there are springs poking out if you can’t afford a new mattress that’s comfy, at least plump for a quality Sable air mattress. If you don’t, your guests will be complaining of a bad bag all throughout their stay and maybe even longer. Don’t do that to them!

Clean the Bedding

You’d think this was pretty obvious, but so many people don’t bother to clean the guest bed sheets before they arrive. They think that, because the bed hasn’t been used since the last guest was there, and they were washed after that. They’ll be fine. Wrong! If the sheets have been left to languish for a long period of time, they’ll have collected dust and gotten a little stale to say the least, so clean and dry them before your guests come.

If you want to really be the hostess with the mostess and you have a little cash to spare, you might even want to consider splashing out on a new Egyptian cotton set, which will keep them comfy and cosy all night long.

Designated Bath Towels and Linens

You should never expect your guests to use the same towels and linens as you. You should always furnish them with their own guest set so that they can feel as comfy and at home as possible. You should also always give them more towels and sheets than you think they might need because people do have accidents, especially when things get a bit merry, or like to take more than one shower in a day and knowing you’re cool with that will help them to settle right in and, perhaps, shield them from any embarrassments.

Somewhere to Hang Their Hat

Give Your Guests a Home From Home

Your guests are unlikely to feel at home if they’re expected to live out of a suitcase while they’re with you. Which is why your guest room should also be furnished with a wardrobe, drawers or even just a clothes rack if that’s all you can stretch to. They’ll appreciate just being able to hang their clothes up crease-free.

A Good Set of Curtains

I bet all of the best hotels you’ve stayed at have had great curtains like the range of Montgomery made to measure curtains. Although you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot on curtains for your guest room, you should try to hang a pretty pair that block out as much of the light as possible. It certainly isn’t essential, but it will help your guests to feel more at home, that’s for sure.

Clear Out the Clutter

Would you be happy sleeping in a room filled with all of your aunt’s summer clothes? How about her creepy puppet collection or your uncle’s vinyl record collection spilling out everywhere? Probably not – it certainly wouldn’t feel like home – that’s why, at least for the duration of their stay, you should clear any of the clutter you’ve been storing out of the guest room, even if that means you have to live with it for a few nights.

Add a Chair

Even if you have to borrow it from the lounge, you should always try to provide your guest with a comfortable chair to sit on in their room, and ideally a small table and lamp too. They may want to read or retire up to their room to relax, and although the bed is great for sleeping in, it isn’t ideal for lots of other things your guest might want to do in the comfort of the guest room.

Don’t Forget the Basics

Give Your Guests a Home From Home

We tend not to notice the basics that make life so comfy when they’re always around, but when we head to a hotel, we notice if there is no clock or note pad for us to organize our schedule; we notice when there isn’t a mirror at the right height for applying our makeup or a hairdryer to do the necessary; we notice when we have no ironing board. Your guests will notice these things missing from the guest room too, and although if they’re close, many would have no qualms about asking to borrow yours, some guests are still a bit timid, and anyway it’s nice to have all of that stuff (and anything else you can think of) ready and waiting for them.

Tea and Coffee Making Kit

Of course, your guests can just run down the stairs and make a cup of tea or coffee in the kitchen, but sometimes they might feel like they’d be disturbing you if they did, and they might also just want to be able to relax in their room away from it all for a while, which is why it would be so nice of you to put a couple of mugs and a nice selection of tea and coffee, as well as a kettle and percolator in the room.

Wine and Chocolates

It’s always nice to leave a bottle of your guest’s favourite drink and a box of their favourite chocolates somewhere in the room for them to enjoy. Chances are they won’t have shown up to your home without a gift or two and although you’re providing them with a room, it’s still nice to return the gesture and make them feel really welcome. Just make sure it’s the good stuff!

Entertain Them

We live in the 21st Century, so chances are your guest will appreciate a television, with access to the internet. If you want to be extra nice, give them your Netflix password, so they can enjoy themselves when you all aren’t doing stuff together.

Let Them Have Their Own Keys

Give Your Guests a Home From Home

Assuming your guests are grown adults, then they should be given a set of keys of their own so that they can come and go as they please without feeling like they’re bothering you every time they want to leave or enter the property! You’d be surprised how many hosts forget about simple things like this!

If you’re worried about security and missing keys, colour code them and make a note of who has which keys and when, that way, at the end of the day/stay, you can ensure all keys are accounted for.

Give Them a Tour

They might primarily be staying in their guest room, and when they’re not up there, they’ll be in your presence, but it’s worth giving them a tour of your home, so you can show them how the tap in the kitchen has to be jiggled a certain way, or how to get the temperature of the shower just right, put the burglar alarm on and anything else they might need to know about your home and the surrounding neighborhood.

Even doing just a few of these things will ensure that your guests feel right at home when they stay with you!

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