Converting A Room The Right Way

Every house has the potential to be more spacious if its owners utilize the space correctly. Think about the state of your property when you first moved into the place. It looked bigger, didn’t it? That space hasn’t magically disappeared. You’ve filled it. And, of course, this is part of turning a house into a home; you need to fill it with possessions and furnishings which make it feel cozy and like your own humble abode.

Still, there’s a distinction between homeliness and clutter. Sometimes there are better ways to use the space you have available and converting an unused room such as the garage into a family ntertainment zone or a personal relaxation area, perhaps, is one great way to increase the amount of space available in your home. Here’s how to create your own little slice of heaven.

Converting A Room The Right Way

The plan.

Of course, before you move things into this brand new space, you need to prepare the room which you’re planning to convert. If your household suffers from a clutter problem then you don’t want to simply move all the clutter to a new room. That isn’t solving the problem. You need to plan out how you’re going to use the space. You’ll also want to talk with your family or whoever you live with about the conversion project. It’s important that everyone is on board and that you’ve heard all potential ideas about what to fill this room with.

The fun stuff.

Once you’ve done the rough plan, you can start to pad out your room with all the luxuries that you and your family love. Of course, as we’ll go on to discuss later, it’s important to keep the overall purpose of the room in mind. If you want to watch films in here with the family then a couple of armchairs and a small TV aren’t going to do the job. If it’s more of a personal man cave then you might want to go for the stripped back appearance. You could look into things such as contemporary pool tables if you’re planning on inviting friends over too. It’s all about the intended purpose of the room.

Converting A Room The Right Way

Who’s the room for?

Ah, the big question. That’s the polite way of asking it, however. The more blunt way of phrasing what you really mean is: are you going to let the kids in this room or is it going to be a personal man (or woman) cave? It’s important that you think about this question but it’ll probably affect the overall design of the room. For example, a bar in the corner might not be suitable if you’re letting your kids run around in this space; you wouldn’t want the little one to accidentally pour a glass of whiskey for themselves.

A family cinema area might be perfect if you’re intending for this room to be used by everyone in the household; a sort of second lounge area, in a sense. Of course, whilst the main lounge area might be designed to look neat and tidy for guests, the great thing about a private games room is that you can fill it with all the fun things with which you might not have wanted to overload the main living area; games consoles, bookshelves, ping pong tables, and the list goes on (refer back to the ideas earlier on in this article).


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