Moving into a brand new home is a very exciting experience. All the surfaces are glistening, the carpet is brand new, and the abundance of space offers boundless potential for you to let your interior design magic flow. Of course, the one problem is that it doesn’t feel like home yet. It feels like you’re still staring at a show home; it feels almost as if you’re staring at somebody else’s home (and it’s half-finished, for that matter).

Turning what is essentially a show home into your own home won’t happen overnight but it doesn’t require a complete overhaul. There are probably aspects of your sparkling new home that you love; the cleanliness and modernity, most likely. The key to turning this new house into your house is to add customized and personalized features to each room so that you make your mark on the property. The following pieces of advice might help you turn this show home into your own home.

 Turning A Show Home Into Your Own Home

Create a comfy living area.

It’s so important that the lounge or living area in your house feels comfortable. You want to be able to come in from work and relax on the sofa whilst feeling that this is your home. Everybody needs to have that space in which they can unwind and get away from the world, so you need to work on making your lounge into that space. You might want to make small changes because it’s the finer details that make all the difference. You could get a wooden TV cabinet to help add a pretty aesthetic to the stand for your TV. A change of curtains, a rug on top of the carpet, and many other small changes can all completely alter your perception.

Convert the garage.

One of the best ways to make this house into your home is to create an entirely new room where there was nothing before; a good place to start might be with the garage, attic, or spare room (it all depends on where there is spare space in the house). The point is that you could convert this space into something entirely different in order to put your stamp on the household. You could create a chill-zone for the kids, perhaps; it might be nice for them to have their own little “den” of sorts to play video games and have fun. Plus, it’d be great for the parents to have a nice tidy area in the lounge.

 Turning A Show Home Into Your Own Home

Improve the aesthetic.

The aesthetic of a property has a huge effect on how homely it feels. That’s been implied throughout this article but it goes deeper than simply making changes to the furnishings in a room. It’s about the warmth of the house as a whole. Small details, as mentioned above, really do make the difference. Get some candles for the dining table or the bathroom to really create that cozy and intimate feeling you desire. Get a throw for the sofa. These things all have their practical uses and change the appearance of the house. Your show home will be your own home in no time at all.

Turning A Show Home Into Your Own Home

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