Fall 2017’s Favorite Living Room Trends

Fall is here folks, and while summer may be gone there’s no need to write the rest of the year off when it comes to your home decor. While many of us are keen to roll up our sleeves and renovate our living spaces in summer, it’s curious how reticent we are to engage in DIY and decorations when the leaves start to turn rusty and the skies turn from blue to grey. It makes sense, after all, to focus on your interior if you envisage spending more time indoors to get away from the weather. Don’t wait until next summer to fall in love with your living room all over again. Whether you have major renovations in mind or just a quick spruce here and there, now’s the time to maximize your living room’s comfort and style.

Bare brick

Exposed bare brick has been a staple of trendy loft apartments for years and it’s slowly making its way into homes of all shapes and sizes. Exposed brickwork may seem counter intuitive as the season gets colder but not only does it have visually warming properties, your exposed brick walls needn’t leak heat. Find a builder to help you remove any plaster without compromising the brick itself. You should also treat the bricks with a transparent sealant like silane or siloxane to retain heat and minimize dust.

Go vintage

Blame hipster culture if you must but there’s no denying that vinyl and other ‘60s affectations are in this year. It’s understandable really in an age where we’re all tethered to our smartphones and tablets that we might want to hearken back to a simpler time. Retro designs favoring softly detailed patterns and subtle colors are huge this season to create a mellow and tonal atmosphere with wallpaper and furniture details. Old vintage art prints and maps are also huge this year and a welcome ornamentation for any wall.

 Fall 2017's Favorite Living Room Trends

Embrace teal!

Teal is a terrific color that’s both striking and versatile. It can be made to feel both cold and warm depending on the ambient lighting and the colors and textures surrounding it. You can use it alongside rich wooden browns in furniture and wainscoting to create a warm and vibrant atmosphere. On the other hand you can also contrast it to blond woods and clean whites to create an airy, breezy feel if you’re lucky enough to have large windows and a lot of natural light.

Get geometric in here

Investing in artwork, furniture, rugs and cushions with geometric patterns is always a good investment as geometric shapes are timeless and even when they fall out of favor they don’t stay that way for long. Hexagonal ‘honeycomb’ prints are everywhere in home and office decor right now but emphasis on strong lines and unique shapes will keep you ahead of the fashion curve this fall.

Bring the outside in

 Fall 2017's Favorite Living Room Trends
House plants are so ubiquitous it’s difficult to consider them trendy but there’s certainly an emphasis on inviting nature into the home this season. As the leaves wither and die outside, having a lush verdant presence within your home will brighten up your living space and keep SADS (seasonal affective disorder) at bay.


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