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It’s time to start getting ready for the upcoming fall and winter holidays.  This means lots of cleaning, and sorting through all the seasonal decorations.  Lifting tubs out of storage.  coughing and sneezing from the dust..  Ooops!  A tinkle here and a tinkle there.  No one wants wet underwear!

Time to restock Depend®.

Lift Cough Sneeze Oooops: Restock Depend®

It happens.  It’s a fact of life for many.  Incontinence can be a concern to those of all ages – not just the old and/or feeble!  Many women experience bladder leakage after childbirth, especially after having multiple pregnancies. Serious incontinecnce should be checked out by medical professionals, but to deal bladder leakage issues, Depend® products can be the answer. They come in many styles and fits…comfortable and discrete.

Did you know that Depend® isn’t just for women?  Several years ago, my father (who was 91 at the time)  had to have prostate surgery.  The mens briefs became part of his everyday wear. He was able to put them on himself and no one could tell that he had them on!

No matter you needs, Depend® has you covered.

Moderate or Maximum absorbancy. Size S/M – L/XL.   Briefs for Men and Underwear for Women.  Soft and absorbent.

There is no need to curb your activities because of bladder leakage!

Lift Cough Sneeze Oooops: Restock Depend®

Underwear For Women:

  • Depend®
  • Silhouette®
  • Active Fit®

Briefs For Men:

  • Depend®
  • Real Fit®

Visit friends and family.  Join colleges for holiday get togethers.  Rake leaves, clean and decorate your home, cook, shop till you drop.  Enjoy all that the season has to offer. Strike incontinence needs off the list…just stock up on the Depend® products that best suit your lifestyle.

You can depend on Depend®!

Now through the end of the year or while supplies last, you can get $2 off at For more information about incontinence and Depend® products, please visit: and follow Depend® on: kc10dependchannel and

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Lift Cough Sneeze Oooops: Restock Depend®

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