Creating the Perfect Family Kitchen / Family getting breakfast around kitchen island

Creating the Perfect Family Kitchen

The kitchen is often considered the heart of a family home. It’s where we cook the meals that sustain us, sure. But often, it is a space where parents can relax while they cook and focus on something that isn’t the little ones for a moment. It is a space where people catch up over a hot drink. It’s a place where you may entertain guests. You’re going to spend a lot of time in your kitchen over the years, so it makes sense that you’re going to want to make sure that it’s the best that it can be – both in practical and functional terms as well as in regard to aesthetics. But what can you do to make the perfect family kitchen? Here are some areas to take into consideration to achieve your goal!

Creating the Perfect Family Kitchen


Families have plenty of mouths to feed, so you’re going to need to make sure that your kitchen has sufficient storage space to neatly store everything food-related that your family needs and uses. You’re going to need plenty of cupboard space to store plenty of food. You’ll want a big refrigerator with a big freezer so you can keep chilled and frozen goods at the right temperature and so that you can stock up with plenty of options for plenty of hungry mouths. You may also want some sort of pantry with shelves for dried goods. How to best achieve this will depend on your home and how it’s laid out. You may want to consider an extension or knocking a wall through to create an open plan kitchen diner if your kitchen is currently quite small. You may want to put up shelves for cookery books or hanging racks for pans and utensils. The list of options goes on.


Appliances play a huge role in a family kitchen. They can speed up different processes and make them easier. Whether that’s blenders, food processors, slow cookers or anything else. You may even want to consider replacing larger scale appliances, such as your oven using a specialist kitchen appliance supplier. Having fully functioning appliances that are good quality can make cooking for multiple people a whole lot easier. It can also add to the aesthetic of your kitchen, helping to incorporate some sort of uniform color scheme to the space.


If you don’t have enough workshop space to do everything you want to do in your kitchen, you may want to consider some sort of kitchen island. This will provide extra space in the center of your kitchen for you and your family to work with. It also adds a social element to the room, giving you something to sit and talk at if you add some stools. Some islands can even be multifunctional, incorporating a sink, extra drawers and storage or even a wine cooler.

These suggestions should hopefully get the ball rolling when it comes to refreshing your kitchen and turning it into a space that really works for you and your family. Each home will look different at the end, but these options can really prove useful!

Creating the Perfect Family Kitchen

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13 thoughts on “Creating the Perfect Family Kitchen

  1. Great post! We are looking for a new home now because we need more space all over! My kitchen is a nice size but with all the grandkids I want a much bigger one! We do a lot of family cooking especially during the holidays.

  2. I would love to have an island in my kitchen. I know it would be extremely helpful, but my kitchen isn’t really big enough for one.

  3. It is good to think through what is the best way to design a kitchen. It is nice to get the most out of a kitchen and have the opportunity to model it the way you want.

  4. The kitchen is the most important important room where we have the real spirit of the family and it must be perfect!

  5. My kitchen is kinda smaller than I am used too. I had to add a bakers rack in order to free up counter space for my microwave and other small appliances. So far that is working out for me. But I do plan on replacing the cabinets one of these days. My current ones have a bunch of wasted space and it drives me crazy.

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