Cultural Concoctions: Diverse Food Options in New York

Manhattan is home to many different flavors and indigenous tastes. Since it’s widely populated by an international demographic, its residents and tourists are the main reasons why the culinary scene in New York is as innovative as it is now.

Cultural Concoctions: Diverse Food Options in New York

Anyone can find a meal that’s fit for their palate. If you have a specific taste or craving, Manhattan has the answer to all your needs. Kosher catering isn’t difficult to look for if you’re not a fan of pork dishes. Italian cuisine is just around the corner offering pasta, and brick oven cooked pizza.Even restaurants that aren’t inherently from the culture have food from its neighbors. Local restaurants like the Kasbah Grill, which specializes in steaks and other grilled dishes, has a wide selection of sushi with its sushi nigiri platter fitted with Tuna, Yellowtail, and Salmon packed into one order.The East is also just around the block with Chinese and Japanese cuisine serving dim sum and sushi.

Breakfast bagels

A New York staple, this piece of bread has stood the test of time and remains one of the meals that has maintained its position as the most iconic partner of a steaming hot cup of coffee. Don’t underestimate the power of sugar mixed with coffee as it’s sure to be a meal to keep you up at night and one to welcome you back in the early morning.


Though there is still a timeless debate on where to get the best pizza, the top contenders against New York are California and Chicago; New York-style pizza is here to stay based on its versatility. Pizza is excellent for numerous occasions. Whether it be a celebration, a night out with friends, a family dinner, or a hangover cure, pizza is a household staple of New York. With the wide selection of flavors to choose from,

you’ll make your mouth water from just thinking about the endless toppings and combinations from anchovies, pepperoni, bell peppers, and the succulent taste of ground beef.


The East has indeed crossed over to the West with a huge chunk of New York’s population favoring Asian cuisine for their day-to-day meals. Whether it’s the spice that attracts them or the exotic nature of the dishes that they weren’t accustomed to growing up with, Asian cuisines are here to stay. Sushi can be served not just in Japanese restaurants, but also in other establishments which makes creative and somewhat silly creations such as the sushi pizza. It’s up to the customer’s preference if it’s an abomination or the holy grail, but it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience for your stomach.


Brought to the shores of the West by the Middle East, falafel sandwiches used to be the in thing for hippies back in the 70s. Now the tradition continues with different renditions of the meal from platters, wraps, and bowls dedicated to keeping the delicacy a part in New York’s history. A great mix of ingredients for both vegetarians and meat lovers alike containing fava beans and chickpeas.


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