Things We Expose Ourselves to Each Day That are Harmful

Some things that we use or expose ourselves to each day become so familiar that we no longer think about their harmful effects. If we continue exposure or use of these things, we might end up getting sick. Therefore, if possible, you need to stay away from them, or at least stay protected.

Diesel fumes

These fumes are carcinogenic. They may also cause all sorts of lung problems. However, when you get stuck in traffic, or you are trying to cross a road, you no longer notice that you are inhaling the poisonous substance. The best thing to do is wear a mask when you are on the streets. You might not see the fumes at times, but they are all over the place if there are vehicles.


You already know the impact of alcohol intake on your liver and kidney. Despite that, you still drink because you love it. You feel like it is your way of getting rid of stress and forgetting your problems even for a while. However, alcohol consumption also increases the risk of cancer. Limiting your alcohol intake is the best way to deal with this problem. You can reduce your alcohol intake until you can survive even without having a glass.


It might seem weird to see a chair on this list. The chair does not necessarily cause harm. It is when you sit on it for hours that you are running the risk of having different illnesses. You need constant physical exercise to have a healthy lifestyle. You might increase your chances of having diabetes, cancer, and obesity if you sit for several hours each day. If you need to be in front of your computer at all times, you

need to set the alarm. When it rings, you need to stand up and walk around or do some exercises on your chair.

High-temperature cooking

Almost everything that we eat needs exposure to heat. However, we don’t realize that in doing so, we expose ourselves to carcinogens. Open flame cooking such as frying in a pan or grilling are quite risky. The food is in direct contact with the fire, and it is not a good thing. You need to limit your intake of dishes that use this technique for cooking.

Use of mobile phones

We all need mobile phones. It seems impossible to leave your house today without your phone beside you. However, these phones and other electronic devices cause radiation. If you expose yourself to the equipment for long periods of time, you could end up suffering from the effects of radiation.

You can’t stop yourself from using the phone. The best thing to do is buy an EMF or Electromagnetic Field protection device. You need to block the radiation from entering your body, and using this protective device would help. You can find more information about how to protect yourself from mobile phones at

Try changing how you do things each day and don’t forget to protect yourself from things that are dangerous.


Things We Expose Ourselves to Each Day That are Harmful

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