Being a conservative soul is still something that exists today, and people don’t often realize this. As a matter of fact, if you’re a gentleman to a woman, you may find that they’ll be quite surprised, or wonder just what you’re up to. There are many women today that don’t think that a gentleman exists (or even guys that feel the same about true ladies), but it doesn’t mean that they don’t. Therefore, you may want to consider the option to date online if you are conservative to find a wife or husband that could be a lifelong partner.

How to Find the Right Person

Finding your soulmate may always be a challenge, but it’s up to us on whether we make it harder than we need to. By using some premium dating sites that are directed towards seniors and conservatives, as well as even republicans, the options are there in order for you to make the best of it. Finding the right person involves some work on figuring out what types of information you are, as well as self-analysis to find your match. Some websites will base some matches based on your preferences, but also on your own personality traits, so you will be more compatible.

Taking it Slow

Conservative people tend to take their time and are more cautious when it comes to things like jumping the gun. This is very important, and if you’re one of them, then you already know that you’d rather take things slow when it comes not only to finding that special someone, but also getting to know somebody. That is perfectly fine, and in a way, conservative online dating sites are the perfect avenue because they give you an extra step that can allow you to get comfortable with someone and even develop a sense of emotions before you can actually go to meet up with them. Therefore, this little list is for a little advice on just how to take it slow.

  • Don’t rush conversation. Let them reply.
  • Start off with a simple hello (be a gentleman or lady).
  • Offer a little bit of information about yourself, but not too much.
  • Ask for a little bit of not too personal information about the other person (most women love this).
  • Be prepared, and don’t expect an answer, or demand one.

This list could go on and on, but most importantly be nice and respectful to whoever you’re contacting. Give them the opportunity to reply, and if they don’t, oh well. Nobody likes being rejected, but this is just the internet, so say whatever, and don’t beat yourself up about it!


The best sites that are more conservative based are unfortunately the older veteran dating sites. You’ve heard of most of them, like, e-Harmony, and more. But what’s important is to consider why they’re the best. They have the higher ratings of conservative users on them as compared to the newer and sometimes more populated free (and even some paid) websites out there. Leave all of that jazz to the young folk who are still trying to find that special someone after years of being on them.

Date Online if You Are Conservative to Find a Wife or Husband

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