Is Your Pupper Suffering From Anxiety? Here’s What To Do About It!

Dogs aren’t just our pets, they are loyal companions through this journey we call life. In fact, the unconditional love that many people feel from their pups means they can be just as important to them as friends and family members. Of course, that makes it even more challenging to see them suffering because of anxiety. Happily, there are some strategies you can use to help your pet manage and alleviate this condition. Read on to find out what they are.

What does anxiety look like in dogs?

There are many different symptoms of anxiety in dogs to watch out for. In particular, observe them and see if they are always looking around at their surroundings. Also, trying to escape and hide, and if they perform any reactive behavior like pacing the ground when they should be laying down and relaxing can be anxious behavior.

Defecating in inappropriate spots in the home, as well as trembling, yawning, and having tucked back ears can also be a sign that your puppy is suffering from anxiety as well. Something that means it best to take them to the vet to get the diagnosis confirmed.

Of course, the critical thing to do once you have identified that your dog is suffering from anxiety is to make changes that will alleviate it. Something you can find out more about in the rest of the sections below.

Changing thing around the home

First of all, it may be possible to solve some of the anxiety that your dog is feeling by changing things around the home. In fact, simply moving their bed to a more quiet area of the house where they can relax without being disturbed may be enough to help.

Although, for more complicated cases, it may be necessary to limit their time with other dogs, certain family members, and even change their diet if you want to help relieve their anxiety.

Medicinal and natural remedies

Of course, such changes aren’t the only option to explore if you find that your dog is suffering from anxiety. In fact, vets will often prescribe an SSRI if they feel they’re in need, which works in a similar way that is done in humans.

Also, when it comes to treatment, you may be asking the question: “Is CBD oil good for pets when they are suffering from anxiety?” You’ll be pleased to note that for the most part, the answer is yes and as its a more natural option than SSRIs some owner prefer it. Just make sure that you check with your vet that is not interfere with any other medication you are giving them. Using chews and treats is also an effective way to deal with your dog’s anxiety problems. Chews and treats help keep them entertained while allowing them to channel their pent-up energy into something that they find enjoyable.

Behavioral help

Finally, another type of treatment that can work really well for dogs with anxiety is behavioral help. This means taking them to classes and places where they get to socialize with other dogs and humans for a short amount of time.

You can then gradually build up the duration of these sessions, and this should help them to feel more confident and less anxious when experiencing them.

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