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Design Tips for Custom-Made Diamond Jewellery

The biggest trend in diamond jewellery that has emerged, lies in the custom jewellery sector, especially with diamond engagement rings, as people realize that having a diamond ring created as no more costly than buying a finished ring. The thought that no person has never worn the ring is very appealing to the wearer, representing a unique relationship that cannot be compared to any other. If you have decided to have the diamond engagement ring hand-crafted, here are some tips.

Sourcing the Best Custom Jeweller

Starting with a Google search, you can get a list of custom jewellers’ websites, and with pink diamond jewellers in Brisbane, you can create the ring of your dreams. The custom jeweller has access to loose stones at trade prices, which is one of the reasons why custom jewellry is so affordable, and you can select every aspect of the ring.


You have several options, including platinum, yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold, and platinum is ideal as it does not tarnish and is very hard and resistant to scratches. From precious metals such as sterling silver, solid gold, and platinum, sydney jeweller can create beautiful jewelry. You can get name necklaces in the metal of your choice and they look absolutely stunning.

The Stones

The custom jeweller has access to loose stones, so you can select a nice central stone, plus the other stones to be included in the design, which will save you money, as trade prices are involved. The custom jeweller can source raw diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires, along with semi-precious stones, all at trade prices, which saves a lot of money.

The Cut

As you already know, diamonds are graded by the 4Cs, which are: cut, color, clarity and carat, and as you are acquiring loose raw stones, you get to choose the cut. There is an informative article on diamond cuts, which is essential reading for a novice. Each cut has its own unique properties, and the custom jeweller would have many fine images and stones to view.


This ring will be worn on a daily basis, so maybe look for a pave setting where the stones are channeled into the metal, rather than a raised setting when there is an increased risk of catching it on fabric or other objects. This is also why platinum is the best metal choice, as it is very hard and doesn’t tarnish. Platinum also looks great.


The setting can determine a diamond’s sparkle factor, and the custom jeweller would show you examples of every setting, advising you on the best choices. The cut would determine the setting to some degree, and with your custom jeweller’s help, you can choose the best setting.

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If you have no firm idea about the design you would like, why not search with Google images? This will give you an opportunity to view many fine examples and the ones you like can be sent to the custom jeweller. You can also look for rings like mood rings that reflect different colours. Search mood ring color meanings to get hints of your spouse’s mood. Once the expert has an idea of what you are looking for, he can begin to come up with a few ideas, and over time, the final design will be approved and the artist can get to work to create a very unique representation of your undying love.

Design Tips for Custom-Made Diamond Jewellery

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