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Do More With the HP Amp 100 Printer

Disclosure: The HP Amp 100 Printer was received from HP for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post are my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.

I was one of the lucky ones that was selected to review the new HP Amp 100 printer, and I couldn’t be more excited! Living in a multi-generational household with 2 kids, a baby and a dog, space is always an issue. BUT with the new HP Amp 100 printer, a big space is no longer needed! This printer is compact, yet packed full of features! So many functions that I can’t decide which is my favorite.

The HP AMP 100

The printer is Bluetooth compatible and has a speaker, so my kids love the fact that it can sync up to my phone and play music. Because, what’s better then an impromptu dance party? (Watch out though… the music stops when a print is in progress. This can be turned into a fun game of freeze when the music stops.)

I personally cannot decide what my favorite feature is.  I really like how the printer is so in sync with my phone and iPad. Not only can I take a phone call on the speaker/microphone (though not sure if many people would appreciate me doing this, with screaming kids in the background) but I can also charge my phone. Lets talk about the app, HP Smart. It works perfectly with the printer, easy to navigate  and makes the set up of the printer a breeze. With the app, printing my favorite pictures (in different sizes) from my phone is just a push of a button away. The HP Smart App in conjunction with the HP Amp 100 allows you to print on the go.

Another favorite feature of mine is the print quality! When I print my babies’ photos on this printer (especially with photo paper) the quality is beautiful. This is important because I have many photos to print. Which is one of the hazards that come with being a mom of 3 super cute kiddos.

The HP Amp is so compact that it fits perfectly on the side table.


HP Amp, compact with a punch


HP Amp 100 a printer, Bluetooth and speaker all rolled into one.

Get more from your space with an ultra-compact printer and Bluetooth® speaker in one. Designed for your phone, enjoy a seamless all-in-one experience with the HP Smart app — and sound that fills your room with crystal clarity and booming bass.

The HP Amp 100 is available at  or your local Walmart for just $129.00! Such an awesome price for both a printer, speaker and more!

Overall, I think that the HP Amp 100 is worth checking out with its many quality features and easy set up! It is perfect for  dorm room, small personal office, or anywhere in your home. Maybe next update the printer will come in Rose Gold and with a remote.

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9 thoughts on “Do More With the HP Amp 100 Printer

  • Love this! Such cute kiddos. This printer is perfect for all the school projects we have coming up. It sounds like a true multi-use piece for our home office!

    • Thank you, I think they are pretty cute, too! It truly is multi-purpose… I am still amazed by how small it is with and still have so many functions.

  • I love it, that is so cool

  • This is a really nice printer. I used to have access to a quality color printer, and still have lots of photo paper. I miss being able to print – this is the best I’ve ever heard of and sounds worth it. I want to check it out.

  • This sounds so nice. So many special features. My daughter in law is in need of a new one. I will check this out for her. Thank you so much for sharing

  • Hp provides the best type of printer. I used the Hp printer. it is working very fine and cool. I can use many types of way. so, if you want any help about the printing machine goes to the printer technical support which provides the best facility.

  • HP makes good things.. like PC.. their printers aren’t bad too

  • There are new features that are available for the high performance in HP Amp 100 Printer and then you must set some kind of the process to generate the printing quality.

  • Ooh, it’s so compact!


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